Designing and decorating a nursery can be a trivial task, especially if you do not know the sex of the baby. If it turns out to be a baby girl, then you should be happy as you have plenty of design and décor options, as you will learn in this article. With the bright hues and delicate décor choices, you are bound to fall in love with the nursery for your baby girl, so much that you will be tempted to keep the overall design and décor as your baby girl grows up. If you decide so, you will need just a few minor changes, such as replacing the cot with a bed.

Bright flowers atop a wooden dresser

This room makes use of flowers and framed photographs to accessorize the room. The furniture choices for this room help decorate it while serving important functions. The dressing cabinet helps keep the room in order while the baby chair also provides great functionality.

Overhead crystal chandelier and fancy mirror encrusted in shiny metal

While décor for boys’ rooms is usually simple and casual, the same may not necessarily go for girls’ rooms. Girls love excess and over-the-top décor and accessories, despite their age. Therefore, do not shy away from using a wide range of accessories. You can also use expensive accessories if your pocket allows it. In this room, for instance, you can notice the exquisite chandelier and extravagant shiny mirror frame. These accessories definitely add life to this room.

Soft, delicate hues of pink create a casual and leisurely atmosphere

Pink is the traditional color used in decorating girls’ rooms, across all range of ages. It therefore makes sense that you opt for pink when selecting a color theme for your girl’s nursery. You can go for a bright and vibrant shade of pink or a lighter, more casual shade as seen in this nursery.

This nursery in particular looks bright, airy and generally welcoming, because of the light grey walls that complement the light pink and the sheer cream curtains that let in light.

Wallpaper with flowers and thick cream area rug

You may not be able to achieve the full desired design for a baby girl’s bedroom because of the many requirements needed. However, there are a few simple accessories you can incorporate in your baby girl’s nursery to make it appear girlish. Such accessories include wallpapers, area rugs, curtains and bedding.

Décor pieces that children love

Just because you are decorating a bedroom for a girl, you do not have to align your décor to fit that of a girl’s bedroom. You can also adopt décor and themes that are gender-neutral. This room, for instance, adopts a theme that is favorable for both girls’ and boys’ rooms. Children are visual and get excited at the sight of captivating drawings and sculptures, like the drawings of animals on the bedding and the sculpture of the giraffe.

DIY décor art

It is always a good idea to avoid conforming to trends and traditional ideas, to help you express your creativity and achieve an overall unique output. This baby girl room appears unique because of the drawing of a tree on a wall and the hand-knitted décor pieces on the cot and wall, plus the artistic throw pillow on the armchair.