It is most people’s dream to work from home. A home office offers you the flexibility and serenity that an ordinary workplace may not give you. However, just because you are working from home does not mean that your office should be in a poor condition. Below are some ways you can decorate your small home office so that you can create a comfortable working environment and an alluring look that gives a good impression to the business associates who visit it.

Large, wooden desk

Large windows

This office makes use of large glass windows. When designing your home office, it is important to make an allowance for windows because they let in light into the office and let you enjoy the scenic view of the surrounding.

Simple office furniture

Simple trash bin

Elegant bookshelf

Desktop computer

Go for trendy and stylish bookshelves which will help you keep your office organized and contribute to its overall design.

Elegant white cabinets

Hardwood floor

Beautiful view of the outside

Framed painting

Thick, patterned area rug

Vase of flowers

Small office

Circular table

Depending on the nature of your office, you may also need an area where you can have meetings and discussions with your associates. This round table serves this purpose in this office. Including a table and chairs in your office also enables you to enjoy lunch and other meals without leaving the office.

Spacious work area

Brick wall

Elegant, white bookshelf

Upholstered red chair

Small, black shelf

Black and white theme

If you want your office to have a bold and energetic feel, then consider adopting a black theme. You can get more details on the decor choices for black rooms in our previous articles.

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Tiny bed

Grey theme

Framed photographs

Relaxing chair

Overhead hanging lights

Swivel chair

Wooden bunk bed


Simple, red rug

Red chair

Airy office

Grey floor

Decorative artefacts

Workstation with stone top

Large, wooden door

Brown storage cabinet

Carpet with geometric patterns


Stone wall

Delicate grey drapes

White office furniture

Black walls

Bright, green walls

Blue rug

Delicate color choices such as green, blue and white help you create a calm and peaceful environment that is bound to boost your productivity.

Thick and comfy throw pillows

Simple candleholders

Contemporary office design

Contemporary shelf

If your design taste leans towards the toned down looks, then grey is just the right color for your office. You can paint the office surfaces such as walls and floor grey and also use grey accessories such as rugs. To break the monotony of grey, consider adding a few other accessories in neutral or light tones such as the white drapes in this office. Browse through our articles on grey themes to gain more ideas on how you can decorate your grey-themed office.

Whiteboard with stuckers

Neatly-stacked files

Multiple seating arrangements

White ceiling

Colorful bedding

Large bed

Neutral-colored walls

Red floor

Windows with panes

Indoor plant