Wooden stools
Simple bunk bed

Most people tend to think that the bigger the house, the better its appearance. Homeowners with small houses may be tempted to think that small houses cannot be stylish and elegant. However, this is not always the case. Below are ideas on how you can furnish and decorate your tiny house.

Well-maintained yard
Large glass windows

To make your tiny home appear lovely and have that warm homely feeling, then you should make a partition for a patio or extend a portion of the house to make room for a patio. You can relax or even dine with your family out on the patio. For a tiny house, a patio comes in especially handy when you have to entertain many guests.

Tiny house
Wooden house
Television mounted on wall
Wooden ceiling
Cozy area rug

Making a tiny house appear neat and organized can be hectic. However, opting to go for a contemporary or minimalist design can help you achieve a neat look. You can read our articles on modern and minimalist designs if you are interested in embracing these concepts for your tiny house.

Wooden stools
Simple bunk bed

Invoke your tiny house with warmth and a welcoming feel by adopting a rustic design. The easiest way to do this is by adopting the use of wood in making surfaces such as the floor, walls and ceiling. You can browse through our articles on rustic design to gain a better idea on how you can decorate your tiny home.

Flowing red drapery
Round coffee table

Bright and exuberant area rugs, drapes and curtains help add vigor and life to an otherwise cramped up and plain place. Also, if you have a tiny house, make sure that the windows are placed in such a way that a lot of light enters the house.

Window seat with in-built storage
Short steps
House in the middle of the forest
Large patio
Stocked bookshelves
Patterned curtain

So as to save space and make your house appear organized, try to keep furniture and other accessories at a minimum. Only add items to your tiny space if they provide function or improve the appearance of the house.

Throw pillow with patterns
Flowers in glass vase
Simple shelves
Stone wall
Wooden kitchen cabinets
Indoor plants
Black fireplace
Small bathroom

If you own a tiny home, then you are always struggling to find new ways to make the tiny house appear larger than it actually is. If so, then one of the oldest tricks in the book of making small homes appear larger might actually help; installing high ceilings.

Comfortable couch
Narrow hallway