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Asian-style Interior Design Ideas

Small house with traditional Asian design
House sitting on top of a small river

Asian-style interior design is a combination of different design styles from all across Asia. In most cases, Asian interior designs incorporate Japanese and Chinese styles, but you can incorporate other exotic styles as well, such as Indian and Arabic. Asian-inspired interiors provide peaceful and harmonious environments that are perfect for relaxation. Below are some tips on creating or imitating Asian-style interior design ideas on the exterior, as well as in individual rooms like bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms.

House sitting on top of a small river

Asian Interior Design Living Room

Unique chandelier

In many Asian-inspired rooms, it is not unusual to find a backdrop like the one in the living room above. These backdrops work best when in neutral colors, such as gentle ivory, white and even cream. A neutral-colored backdrop helps create a relaxing atmosphere.

Indoor plants and flowers are a critical part of Asian-inspired interior designs. They bring nature into the house and create a relaxing and comforting environment.

Since Asian interior designs are all about creating balance and co-existence, most of them make use of different design materials in the same design, such as wood, stone, concrete and glass, like in this living room with a hardwood floor, stone wall and glass windows.

If you are not a fan of dull and neutral colors, worry not. Asian-inspired styles also embrace color. Bright accent colors are placed against neutral colors to create a stylish and elegant interior. Here, orange is used against grey and cream to create a charming living room.

Vases and pots are instrumental in creating Asian interior design in your home. For more tips on using vases to decorate the interior of your home, read our article: Vase Decoration Ideas.

Asian-inspired interior design makes use of structural lighting features like the one in the living room above, as well as hanging paper lanterns. The ancient lamp-like structural lighting feature in this living room stands out perfectly.

Golden bells
Grey concrete wall

Asian Interior Design – Bedroom

Asian-inspired bedrooms, particularly Japanese-inspired ones keep décor at a minimum.

You will be surprised to learn that a bench at the foot of the bed does all the magic in decorating an Asian-inspired bedroom.

Twin beds

Asian interior designs are eco-friendly and as such, they substitute common design elements with other elements that are natural and sustainable. As you can see in the bedroom above, bamboo blinds have been used in the place of traditional blinds. A traditional tatami mat has also been used in the place of an ordinary area rug.

Wooden ceiling with wooden beams

Adopting an Asian design does not necessarily mean that you strictly use Asian décor. This bedroom introduces a rustic charm with the ceiling, which blends in perfectly with the Asian-inspired theme.

Indian-style bedroom

In this bedroom, a neutral-colored screen has been used to fill the space above the headboard, as in most Chinese-inspired bedrooms. The screen has the effect of elevating the beauty of the room.

In many Asian-inspired bedrooms, more specifically in Chinese-inspired bedroom designs, you will find scrolls or wall art above the headboard, as seen in this bedroom.

Asian-style bedrooms usually spot high quality silk or velvet fabric, especially for the sheets and drapes.

If you wish to adopt the Asian design style but are looking for something temporary, then you can experiment with drapes, sculptures and art.

Asian Interior Design – Bathroom

The key to creating a peaceful and relaxing bathroom environment is adopting an Asian bathroom design. In case you wish to remodel your bathroom or incorporate Asian décor elements, then these tips are for you.

This bathroom merges two worlds by bringing together Zen and Asian interior designs.

In Asian-inspired bathrooms, good lighting is a key aspect. Lighting helps boost the flow of energy, creating a calm environment.

Flowers in white vases

Asian-inspired bathrooms usually spot glass shower screens decorated with motifs, prints or patterns.

Two medium-sized mirrors on the wall

In the design of Asian-style bathrooms, multiple mirrors or one large mirror is mounted on the wall, to create a natural flow of energy.

Feng-shui is a Chinese design aspect that aims at creating balance and harmony by improving the flow of energy, as in the bathroom above that brings the outdoors inside.

Asian lamp

The stone wall, bathtub and wooden elements infuse this Asian bathroom with rustic elements.

It is always best to keep the toilet out of sight, and with the lid down, like with most Asian bathrooms.

This Zen-inspired Asian bathroom provides a peaceful and relaxing environment due to the calming colors and the indoor plants. The spacious and beautifully-organized bathroom also opens to a balcony.

No matter the room, you can incorporate unique Asian décor elements, such as statues of Buddha and Asian paintings.

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