Large windows with view of the outside

This article provides you with three creative ways you can use mirrors in your bathroom to improve how the mirrors sit in the overall design of your bathroom.

Series of round mirrors in different sizes placed on a mosaic tile wall

You can create an entire wall section with tiles then place mirrors on it, like in this bathroom.

Twin mirrors in black frame with overhead lighting

Large mirror encased in a neutral-colored tile frame, with in-ceiling lighting

Rectangular bathroom mirror with illuminating in-ceiling lighting

Cabinet with drawers between twin mirrors

Twin mirrors placed against grey mosaic wall

Twin mirrors placed on white subway tile

Illuminating lighting that highlights the mirror from all across the bathroom

Ways of Combining Bathroom Mirrors With Tiles Stylishly and Effortlessly

Believe it or not, mirrors and tiles are a key design element when paired together, especially in the bathroom. Whether you are framing your bathroom mirror with tile or placing a mirror on a tile way, you can never go wrong if you try out these simple tricks below.You will notice in most bathrooms, mosaic tile has been used.

Mirror placed on colorful tile with different color variations

You don’t have to tie yourself down with only one color. You can use tiles that change color differently as they age, so that the color pops brighten the mirror.

Round wall mirror with wooden frameplaced on mosaic tile wall

Oval mirror with wooden frame on faux tile wall

Mirror with neutral-colored frame placed against grey tile in different shades and designs

Contemporary white tile wall matching white tile frame of bathroom mirror

Ordinary mirrors in tile frame, with a tile divider between them

Tile can be used to create the perfect divider between two mirrors.

 Mirror placed in shiny glass mosaic tile

Large mirror placed against mosaic tile wall in earthy hues

Small square mirror with metal frame placed between two sections of metallic tile

If you would like to pair your bathroom mirror with tile that is more edgy, why not try metallic tile?

 Large rectangular mirror covering upper section of wall, with lower section covered in tile with diverse color palette

Small rectangular mirror on blue tile wall

Wall behind mirror lined with mosaic tile

Illuminate Your Entire Bathroom With These Brilliant Mirror Task Lighting Techniques

Task lighting at the bathroom mirror is important, because it helps you get a clearer view when viewing yourself in the mirror, not to mention it helps illuminate the entire bathroom. As you will notice in the pictures below, sconce lights easily do the trick, which is why they are so popular in bathroom mirror designs. Here are a few tips for you;

Three lights placed at mirror level, equidistant from each other

Bathroom mirror frame with white LED lighting

Light LED lighting is good for use near the mirror, because your eyes adjust more easily to the light in the morning, after you wake up.

In a rectangular bathroom such as this one, arranging two or three lights in a row helps illuminate the room evenly.

Bright sconce lights above a large mirror

White lighting above twin mirrors separated by a cabinet in the middle

Dim LED lighting integrated inside the mirror

Focused illuminated lighting highlighting main features of the bathroom

Placing lighting fixtures near or above certain bathroom features helps light up and highlight those features. In this bathroom for instance, the bathtub stands out because of the illumination above it.

 Row of sconce lights placed at eye level

Sleek, soft contemporary bathroom mirror lighting

White lights illuminating the countertop of the vanity

Dimly-lit bathroom with illuminating lights above the mirror

 Large window in shower area, which lights up the mirrors

 Large window in shower area, which lights up the mirrors

Large mirror with white LED frame

Light bulbs inside dimmers above mirror

Light bulbs inside dimmers above mirror

10 Ways Amazing Cabinet Mirror Designs for Your Bathroom

Previously, many homeowners placed bathroom cabinets above the sink, then plainly placed a mirror above the cabinet. However, the way people design bathroom cabinet mirrors has changed dramatically over the years. You can now achieve a more elegant and unique bathroom cabinet mirror design, all at a friendly price too. It is important to also note that cabinet mirrors also provide functionality, since they combine cabinets and mirrors into one, which could help you save space and achieve a neat look, especially if you have a small bathroom. The bathroom is neater if items such as toothpaste are kept out of sight, proving the essence of cabinet mirrors once again. Here are some ideas we know you will love!

Cabinet built into the wall, with the door/mirror cased in a black frame

This amazing mirror also serves as the door of the cabinet, opening on the outside. It sits between two sconce lights, which help illuminate it in the dark.

Mirror that slides up to reveal a cabinet inside the wall

In this bathroom, the mirror has not been framed, resulting in a sleek, contemporary look. The mirror can be slid upwards to reveal the contents of the cabinet. This is the perfect hideaway if you would like to have an electronic device such as a television set in your bathroom, and keep it away from water.

Twin bathroom mirrors above a small ivory island

The color palette in this bathroom is all very coordinated. The twin mirrors have been framed in wood which has been painted white, to match the ivory color of the island with a cabinet at the bottom and the ivory color of the door.

Series of contemporary bathroom cabinet mirrors beneath white lights

Here, four mirrors have been placed over a medium-sized double door wall cabinet to create an edgy contemporary design. The location of the lighting features above the cabinets helps brighten up the view.

Bathroom wall cabinet with double doors that opens to reveal a mirror in the inside

This cabinet has a unique touch to it. Instead of the mirror being on the outside, it has been placed on the inside. The glass shelving also helps illuminate the cabinet.

Bathroom cabinet mirror with wooden rustic charm

Large mirror in brown wooden frame placed adjacent to shelves in-built in the wall

Modern mirror placed between double doors of wall cabinet

Bathroom cabinet mirror with lighting on the interior

Mirror framed in wood acting as the cabinet door, with shelving on the side of the cabinet