Amazing bohemian interior design

The revel of color, mixture of styles and epochs, freedom of choice and violation of all design rules – this is how the bohemian interior can be roughly characterized. The word “bohemian” dates back to the 1800s and originally referred to the vagabonds. In modern usage, “bohemian” refers to people who live unconventional, artistic lives. This meaning laid the basis for interior design as well.

The bohemian interior design may horrify the devotees of classic forms who may consider it vulgar, cheap and tasteless. However, those who are not afraid of experiments appreciate the “boho” for its inspiring and artistic atmosphere. To create interior in bohemian style, follow the next rules:

  1. Forget about conventions and rules. Mix yellow with orchid, emerald with gold, add pale blue and electric pink – all in one space.
  2. Visit flea markets and shabby-chic websites to buy some unique objects to furnish the rooms.
  3. Search through art galleries for avant-garde or abstract paintings.
  4. Put on the same shelf silver candlesticks of the 18th century and a napkin crocheted by your mom. Don’t forget about a cut-glass chandelier on the ceiling!
  5. Bohemian style embraces such objects as mirrors in massive frames, Iranian carpets with ornaments, bright folding-screens and freakish lanterns.
  6. Take everything mentioned and mix in one space.

Creating a bohemian interior may turn out to be far from trivial. At first glance, it may seem that it is easy to buy different trash and fill the room with it. However, this style is much more complicated and requires exquisite artistic taste. Ask some friends who deal with art to help you approach the wanted result and create a harmonious bohemian ambiance that will really look gorgeous.



metal chait with soft seater red flowers curtains


grey walls room wich creme chair multi colours pillows blue cupboard


red bedroom style for longely women


small table with top leather made from oak variaty book in the board


vase wich roses and pictures on the walls some gobelenes egypt vases


old french style chairs , tables. and big candle


creme big chair massive pine floor tiger leather carpet


soft white sofa , sheep skin carpem. tea table black and white book board


multi colours pillows wood floor


red carpet massiv oak chair brown cube door and boards


fur fux on the dloor sheep skin massive door


blue sofa carpet fur wood sealing ledder on the roof


big clock ont the wall under bohemian sofa


soft sofas around magazine table


smal nature pictures in the gold frame