white panel with broun bed

Many interior designs make use of wall coverings as a way of decorating the interior space. There is a wide variety of materials used to cover walls, from wallpaper to wood and tufted wall panels. The latter material is gaining more popuarity with interior designers, especially in contemporary designs. With tufted wall panels, you can add class and elegance to the interior of your home almost effortlessly. Below are a few tips on how you can do that. The tufted wall panels are usually attached to the wall with a drill or using strong glue.

Light grey tuft
Bedroom with grey color scheme

Even though tufted wall panels are popular in contemporary designs, they are versatile and can be used in a range of styles and designs. In this bedroom, the light grey tuft wall panel blends in perfectly with the dark grey color theme of the room.

Soft tuft wall panel

Cream tufted panel with horizontal lines

Tufted wall panels are a smart addition to any bedroom design. This is because tuft wall panels create a cozy and relaxing environment. They also make the room less noisy because the tuft material possesses noise-insulating properties.

Adjoined rectangular tuft wall panels

Television screen mounted on brown tufted wall panel

Neutral-colored tufted headboard

A tufted wall panel can be used to provide functionality purposes

grey chairs in the color of the room

blue tuffed panel

whote panel with broun bed

brown big panel

panel in circular design

Tufted walls add a dramatic edge to the room. In this bedroom for instance, the circular patterns in gold create an elegant and dramatic edge to a bedroom that would otherwise be plain and boring. You do not have to stick to traditional color choices when installing tufted wall panels. You can have fun with your colors.

Bright, patterned accessories

You can have fun with your tufted wall panels by pairing them up with other décor pieces. This bedroom has an exotic and interesting look because of the pairing of the tufted wall with the bright wall, large mirror and brightly-colored pillows with patterns.

Purple drapes and bedding accessories

This bedroom has a rich and extravagant color scheme because the pink tufted panel headboard is of the same color as that of the drapes. The pink color of the headboard and drapes also makes the room visually appealing.

Double tufted wall panels of different colors

Large headboard with rectangular patterns

Tufted wall and ceiling panel

Wooden wall contrasting against white tufted headboard

Tufted wall panels work well with wooden elements. In this bedroom, the white tufted headboard sets off an exotic charm when paired with the wooden wall and ceiling. You can read more about using wood in your interior design in the article Warm up Your Home With These Home Interior Designs Involving Wood.

Comfortable furniture in tufted upholstery

Bedside lamps with lampshades

Add lighting to the room with tufted walls to set off a warm and cozy vibe that is bound to make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Tufted panel with nail decorations

Wooden chairs upholstered in blue material

Large headboard with decorative buttons

Thick tufted panel

Long and narrow tufted pannel

Simple tufted pannels

Unified color scheme

Delicate and exotic fabric