Bright African painting displayed on wall
Traditional African sculpture of a woman

African art and décor has a way of making one feel closer to nature, especially when used in the interior design of homes. This design style sets off a warm and relaxing atmosphere in the feeling and is quite simple to achieve. African interior design features fabric with prints, especially animal prints. It also features sculptures and figures, mostly made from clay and wood. This design style works especially well in the living room and bedroom. Here are a few ways you can create the perfect African interior design in your home.

Wooden chest at the foot of the bed

This bedroom features a number of African artifacts; ranging from  traditional African drums to wooden chests and face masks pinned on the wall.

Long, elegant prints with beautiful floral prints
Medium coffee table with glass top

Large patterned rug

This transitional living room and dining room is the perfect marriage of contemporary Western design and African interior design. You can get the most of both designs by mixing up the aspects of the design. The clay African jars and chairs help bring life to the interior of this home.

Bedroom with beautiful view of the outside

Pillows covered with pillowcases with African art

Ceiling made from adjoined wooden pieces

Twigs are a common part of African interior design. In this bedroom located in the wild, the twigs have been joined together to form the ceiling.

Fancy rug made from animal hide
Strong stone walls
Custom made African wooden office desk
Custom chair with leather upholstery
Bright African painting displayed on wall
Traditional African sculpture of a woman


Spacious bathroom with stone wall
Large mirror with artistic case

Large, bright carpet with varying patterns

Simple sheer white drapes
Black and white striped pillows
Framed painting aligned on the wall
Living room with orange color theme
Door with built-in mirror
Framed photograph of the African wild

A simple photograph on the wall can do a lot to induce the African charm into your home. You can use photographs of African sunrises and sunsets, the African wild and portraits of African people and their life.


Chairs upholstered in bright, elegant African fabric

Transitional living room and kitchen
African artefacts hung on wall

African patio furniture made from natural materials

The African interior design should remind you of the outside. You can feel closer to nature by designing a patio with African décor and a breathtaking view of the outside.

Pot with African patterns on the exterior

Simple patterned rug hung on wooden wall

 Large fur fabric

Simple wooden dining chairs upholstered in traditional African fabric

Elegant coffee table upholstered in black and white fabric
Indoor plant
Wooden folding chairs at the foot of the bed
White four-poster bed

Hung art with prints

Large, spacious kitchen with colorful dishes

Photograph enclosed in African frame

Black carving displayed on table