8 Creative Ideas for Nightstand Alternatives

Do you want to save some cash and improve your bedroom style in just one move? If you want to change something in your bedroom and make it look good, you can start with the nightstands. Luckily, there are many ideas to make creative nightstands.

  1. Tools of trade; you can think outside the box and consider a tool box for your bedside table. This workman chest offers a pop of red, great storage and fun accessory to liven up your bedroom décor.
  2. Twice as nice; in this style, you can make one table work as two by simply cutting it into half and attaching both pieces to both sides of the bed.
  3. Taking work at home; this style involves the use of an old lawyer’s bookcase. It can make can a stylish and a useful nightstand alternative. It is also unique, has plenty of counter space, and industrial look.
  4. Instrumental design; remember, when designing your room you should not sacrifice your style. In even the smallest places you can use accordion case on top of a stool as a night stand. This can easily be taken apart when the accordion is needed.
  5. Old metal typewriter; you can use an old typewriter to bring a lot of character to the bedroom. Also, it is the best size for beside the bed. This is among the most creative nightstands.
  6. Shelf life; this is a wall mounted shelf which can be made perfect for bedside solutions. Ideally, it provides spots for the nightstand essentials without occupying much of the floor space.
  7. Office supplies; make a vintage Knoll cabinet to blend beautifully with your contemporary bedroom. It looks stylish and also offers a lot of storage space
  8. Desk job; one of the smartest ways to use the space around the bed is to have a writing desk beside it. Not only is it large enough to store your lamp but it also provides the best spot to write or work from home.

wooden nightstand made from oak with banch of tulips

nightstand with the picture of a lighthouse on it with three drawers

amazing nightstand made from the real leather as a big case

ordinary nightstand made from pine with five drawers

leather night stand made as three step stair on a metal stand

homemade night stand ,ade from birch with the photo on it

real leathe nightstand with leather handles

two classic nightstands

modern nightstand of a grey color with some books on it

mirror glas naight stande with some drawers

classic blue night stand with the lamp on it

two white classic night stands with the handle as a lion head

ultramodern hi tec night stand of a white colorwooden like a marvle color bightstand with solid surface

example of a black nightstand in the shop

modern looks lika oldies nightstand of a white and grey color

two dorors nightstand near metal bed

mirror made a nightstand od a brown color walls


There you have it, 8 best creative nightstands.