Tips On Decorating Your Kitchen Using Brick Backsplash

The kitchen is an especially difficult region to decorate. There is always a lot of activity going on, so the cleaning has to be thorough. Most people usually opt for surfaces that do not get dirty easily. However, there are many fun and bold ways one can decorate their kitchen. The use of brick backsplash is one good idea.

There is a wide array of options when it comes to using drop backsplash in the kitchen, in terms of sizes, shapes and textures. The kitchen is all about mixing soft and rough textures. A good use of brick backsplash is by combining the use of a marble countertop against a brick backsplash.

Another creative use of a brick backsplash is combining it against a white or black kitchen cabinets. These two concepts work hand in hand to bring a warm feeling to the kitchen.

Using a grey brick backsplash against brightly-colored walls and floors also bring a beautiful look to the kitchen. The cool tones of the bright colors work with the grey backsplash to bring a beautiful look.

Also, consider consider using whitewashed brick backsplashes. This look works well because it looks like the wall was previously painted in a different bright color, which is now wearing off and the red color of the bricks is peeping through. This look is beautiful, paired with marble white or other cool color.

Ash white backdrop against copper and naturally-colored wooden surfaces, say on the floor or on top of cabinets, works to create an interesting look. However, this look only works well if the ash white backdrop covers only part of the wall. If it covers the whole extent, it will create a dark environment in the kitchen, especially if the lighting is poor.

A white brick backsplash works well in an all-white kitchen. If all the surfaces are painted white, this view, paired with a white backsplash, creates a magical feeling, especially if the surfaces are shiny.

brick splashes of the grey color in the kitchen

blue color brick splashes in the marble kitchen

mosaic stone brisk splaches in the dar kitchen

marvle orhnament brick splashe around the stove

ceramic stone brick splaseh size 10 by 15

white and black brisk ceramic stone arounde the metalic stove

white brisk splashe along the kitchen wall with the library

broun white grey ceramic brick splaseh on wall in the kitchen

green olive color brick splash from top to bottom in the kitchen

white and grey vertical brick splash rounf the oak kitchen cabinet

brisk splash of an earlu 30s

colored brisk splash above the kitchen sink

grey bir stine brisk splash alonge the whole kitchen cabinet

white color brick splash with the dark dloor kitchen

example of a mosaic made under the kitchen brick splash style

orange brick splash above the stove

very close brisk splash style eye to eye