Scandinavian décor has been a synonym for contemporary minimalist interior design for years. However, there have been some changes lately as Australian décor has been drawing more and more attention. Australian homes reflect the laid-back, open and friendly personality of their occupants, with various innovative features to mirror the Aussies’ style and temperament. So, if this sounds like something you would want your dream home to be, here are five ways to introduce some modern Australian interior design into it.

Have layers without clutter

When it comes to Australian homes, they are influenced by more than just their culture. They also show references to the temperature, light and even the environment. So, although you will come across layers in their home design, they will never overdo it and create cluttered spaces filled with unnecessary things. For example, combining two rugs, both from natural materials, could add some intricate and global-style floor coverage. A jute rug underneath a wool one, both in similar hues, but perhaps one with a discrete pattern would be a perfect choice. The key is to avoid excess upholstery and overboard drapery and keep the layering as simple as possible, just enough to add some character to your home design. One bold combination of colors, patterns or textures per room is all you need to keep the space clean, fresh and open.

Embrace the Australian culture and heritage

Australia is a multicultural country, and a home to many expat communities who will cherish their own customs and heritage, but won’t be shy to welcome some of Australia’s into their homes as well. This basically means that you’ll see a lot of Southeast Asian influences on home design, as well as some European, but these are only a part of the inspiration for interior design. They also pay respect to Australian culture by displaying some Aboriginal art or various vintage objects. It can be something as small as a few bowls with indigenous motifs or a lovely carved boomerang. Tribal elements or pieces of clothes can be a nice decoration for any room, or you can always find some authentic Australian artists and buy an original painting or two for your home.

Let some light in

If there is a country famous for their number of sunny days, it’s definitely Australia. It’s no wonder then that light has a huge influence on interior décor in this country. It’s something that people “down under” tend to use to their advantage by letting as much natural light into their homes as possible. Huge windows in combination with bright colors of the walls and furniture made of natural materials, such as timber are common in Australia. However, Australians are also aware of the harmful UV rays, which is why they control the light and protect themselves at the same time by finding elegant quality blinds in Sydney. Aside from protecting their home from the heat and too much light, these blinds also have a decorative purpose, adding some style to their home interiors.

Let the beach enter your home

The first association people have of Australia are the beaches, surfers, sand, salt and the sunshine. Allowing them to become a part of your home décor can make your living space more cheerful, vivid and bring in some positive energy everybody can benefit from. Oceanic blue will look equally lovely as a wall paint color and an accent wall covered in wallpaper. You can hang some art with images of the beach, ocean and even the animals and plants that inhabit it, or get some bed throws and cushions in ocean-related hues. Upholstery or even furniture in different shades of blue in combination with either natural materials or decorative details in the color of the golden sand can also do the trick, so get creative with anything that reminds you of the beach.

Find inspiration in nature

There are many ways for nature to guide you when decorating your home. For instance, the bold color combinations of earthy tones with the deep-sea blue or even a splash of coral red can create a more vibrant appearance of your home. Also, natural-stained wooden furniture with the addition of green cushions or even wall paint can bring nature straight into your living room. Potted plants, fresh flowers in simple glass vases or even paintings of greenery would be a nice touch as well. Finally, if you really want to bring the outdoors into your home, install bigger windows or glass doors that will take you out of your room directly into the green of your garden or the blue of the beach.

Australian interior design style is perfect for those who love sunshine, neutral colors and natural materials. It can make your whole home as beautiful and as sunny as this amazing country.

Written by
Robert Clayton
Writer / Blogger