Canopy beds are fancy and luxurious, probably the reason why they were once a reserve for the wealthy. Today, however, anyone can affordy a luxury canopy bed, no matter the level of income.Luxury beds create a warm and romantic sensation, creating the perfect mood for the bedroom. Canopy beds are a great and effortless way to transform the entire look of your bedroom, while still expressing your unique sense of style, depending on the accessories you choose. Wallpapers, cozy bedding, heavy drapes and artsy carpets are all a great way to spice up a bedroom with a canopy bed. Here are some design and decoration tips for you;

Upholstered stools
Maroon walls

With or without curtains, a canopy bed still looks great. You can opt for an open canopy bed, without drapes or curtains, to create an airy environment.

Large swimming pool
White outdoor bed

Light curtains are a good idea for accessorizing your canopy bed, if you want to cover the bed but still keep the overall design simple.

Sheer white curtains and yellow drapes
White area rug
Polished medium-tone hardwood floor
Wall mirror
Bed made of wood
Area rug with patterns
Carved accessories by the window
Cozy pillows
Fancy bedside cabinet
Simple drapes

Canopy beds are supposed to ooze out style and luxury. When accessorizing a bedroom with a canopy bed, do not shy away from using fine and extravagant fabric and posters.

Large glass window
Large mattress

Although canopy beds are mostly used in classic and traditional designs, you can also adopt them to fit your contemporary bedroom.

Unique lighting fixture
Blue walls
Bedroom with balcony

You also have an option of choosing any type of canopy you want. There are various types of canopies, including frameless canopies and crown canopies. The fabric you choose for your bed curtains and drapes depends on the climate of the area where you live. If you live in a hot area, choose light curtains, if you live in a cold area, go for heavy curtains.

Grey bedding
White draperies
Large cabinet
Painting on window

Canopy beds come in a wide variety of designs, from modern to classic bed designs and those with metal or wooden frames.

Bedding with patterns
Upholstered stool
Large neutral-colored carpet
Metal bed

When choosing a canopy bed consider the size of your room, including the floor size and height. A canopy bed should be in a spacious room, so if you have a small bedroom, choose a small bed.

Colorful bedroom
Wall of photographs
Travelling bag
Flower arrangement

Floor with large tiles

Floor with large tiles
Patterned covers

The bedding is an important part of luxury canopy beds. The bedding help you to express your sense of style, whether you love light or heavy patterns.

Upholstered bench by foot of bed
White themed bedroom
High bed
Red chairs
Patterned wallpaper
Beautiful carpet

Furniture is a key component of bedrooms with luxury canopy beds. The more the furniture, the more appealing the appearance of the bedroom. Pair up the canopy bed with upholstered chairs, small tables,  bed foot side benches and cabinets.









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