Well stocked pantry
Wooden cabinets with metal handle
Hardwood floor
Built-in wooden shelving

Here, a simple countertop double shelf has been placed under the countertop, offering space solutions since it has been built into the counter. The shelf also blends seamlessly into the general design of the entire kitchen.

White tile backsplash
Beautiful kettle on stove

Floating cookbook shelves are a great way to transform your entire kitchen. The shelf complements the design of your home while ensuring that your favorite cookbooks are just within arm’s reach. For this kitchen, hanging cookbook shelves have been placed adjacent to the window, against a white tile backsplash.

White wooden cabinets
Brown wooden countertops

Cookbook shelves do not necessarily have to be built. Alternatively, you can opt to buy a readily made bookshelf or trolley such as the one above, which you can use to store your cookbooks. This can then be placed in a corner of the kitchen.

Organic spices growing in white container
White brick backsplash
Large white wooden door
Grey ceiling

Many rows of shelving storing cookbooks and other items easily turn a plainly decorated kitchen into an exuberant and lively space, because of all the color.

Cookbook holder
Stone countertop
Black metal container
Wooden cabinet
Beautiful wallpaper with patterns
Patterned gray curtains

More attention can be drawn to the cookbook shelf if it is complemented with a spectacular wallpaper and curtains that stand out.

Simple cookbook shelf
Simple white countertop
Food in transparent containers
Simple pantry

You can also use cookbook shelves as a pantry, where you store your food items that have already been placed in jars and containers.

Stone and brick backsplash
Glass kitchen window

Narrow cookbook shelves are also a great idea for kitchens. They can be built into an unused corner of the kitchen, thereby saving space and improving the general outlook of the kitchen.

Minimalist kitchen design
Grey walls
Wine glasses
Microwave oven

Cookbook shelves are not used just for storing cookbooks only. They can also be used to store items such as the microwave oven, utensils and even kitchen accessories.

Neatly arranged kitchen
Bright wooden floor
Well stocked pantry
Wooden cabinets with metal handle
Wooden beams on ceiling
Small bookshelf
Simple indoor plant
Decorative accessories
White themed kitchen
Simple area rug
Red cookbook shelf
Multi-colored whisk

Cookbook holders are also a great design item and have also proven to be very important in the kitchen. The cookbook holder can be used to hold cookbooks so that you have an easy time reading the instructions when cooking. The cookbook holders can also be used to hold items such as iPads and tablets, if you are reading your recipes from those devices.

Black cookbook shelves
Peach wall

If you have few cookbooks or prefer keeping only the most important books in sight, then you can opt for a small and simple cookbook shelf which can be placed on the countertop of your kitchen.