Ideal home for your favorite horse, a comfortable workplace or a warehouse for a lost tool? The organization of work and storage in the garage is a task for a true master of all trades. We have collected 30 ideas that will help you quickly and without additional costs to turn your garage into a place of pilgrimage of envious neighbors. You just need to spend a little time

Planning space in the garage is a seemingly simple and inexpensive procedure. And yet she almost always puzzles. Especially those of us who love order, good tools and manual labor at the same time. It does not matter if you have a large garage or a small box that hardly has room for a single car – you can always allocate additional centimeters to store the necessary equipment. Equip the garage with your own hands you can remember some tricks of equipment working areas.

  1. Zoning

Zoning for a garage is just as important as for a kitchen-dining room or any other multifunctional space. If you can properly identify your main work areas , consider, half the work is done. You will only have to fill them with convenient shelving and wonder how you did not notice before what a big garage you have.


1) Passing zone. This is the place where you should always be free. Place there only those items that you need at the exit: shoes, jackets and coats, keys and bags.

2) Easy Access Zone. This is the kingdom of everyday trivia. Put everything here that you need constantly and, as a rule, urgently: animal feed, canned food, recyclable. If you store food in the garage, bought for a week in advance, they should be placed on this shelf.

3) Long. High.Subtle. Here it is necessary to place rakes, shovels, brooms, any oversized equipment for cleaning the yard and the garage itself. In this place there should be objects that will not make you huddle between the rack and the open door of the parked car.

4) Large storage. Large, uncomfortable and rarely used items should be sent to an area that does not impede passage and travel. Ideally – to hang under the ceiling or put on the mezzanine. The first candidates – tourist and seasonal equipment, items for festive decor and so on. The less often a thing is used, the farther and farther it must be located, so as not to interfere with the optimal use of the rest of the space.

5) Commonly used things. The more often you use the object, the closer to you it should be. A shovel for raking snow in winter or a broom in the summer should stand in front of the garage door, behind it or even on it. Within easy reach is also to put the seasonal sports equipment that you are using right now, car pump, etc.

6) Workplace. What are your hobbies? Create an ideal corner for your favorite hobby, whether it’s gardening, woodworking, car service or something. Focus on your needs and make a universal folding workbench and cabinets to store all the necessary trivia.Then your hobby will not only give you great pleasure, but also stop annoying your family.

  1. Open shelves

For storage in the garage it is better to use open shelves – so you will always know what and where is. It is very convenient if these shelves are removable. Excellent options are offered by most construction hypermarkets and loved by all IKEA. If the garage is large enough, get an open trolley on the wheels – it will be your best friend in all minor repairs and an ideal apprentice.

  1. Labels change everything!

Every time you start to put things in order in the garage, you have to remember what and what container you put in during the previous cleaning. The only way to solve this problem once and for all – the marking of boxes and boxes. It would seem that the elementary solution, but resort to it a unit, and put the garage upside down in search of the right item for almost everything.

In order for the method to work as it should, try to make the inscriptions simple and informative. Use contrasting markers and a clear large font. If you want your shelves to look neat and beautiful, stick identical strips of light paper or paint tape and label your boxes with a thick black or brown felt-tip pen.

  1. Screws and bolts

Different idea – hanging banks under the shelves. Everyone who can try to open such a jar with one hand is able to appreciate it, because the second one was busy with something useful, and scattered small details. This method of storage – in plastic containers mounted under the shelves, does not just add to you excess space on the shelves, but also helps to keep the necessary detail in sight.

  1. Rack for bicycles

Want to get rid of a pile of old pallets? Do not hurry. Of these, you can get a perfect bike rack: practical, compact and free. Just install the two strongest pallets with the letter “G” – one on the floor, and the other firmly screw to the wall. In the intervals between the planks, the average city bike stands up perfectly. For the beauty of the palette, you can decorate: cover with acrylic paint, stain or paint on a stencil.

  1. Perforated panels

Perforated panels are one of the best ways to tidy up small and medium tools while keeping it constantly at hand. Hooks, nylon holders, fastening systems allow you to optimally use every centimeter on the perforated. Especially convenient are such panels directly in the working area – at the workbenches.

  1. Magnetic stripe

Magnetic stripe – a rescue for small metal tools and brushes, which must be constantly on the eyes. It is best to hang it in the vicinity of a table, a workbench or over a rack.