Small white house with tiles on the roof
Green lawn with hedges
House with a large patio

In-ground pools, especially rectangular ones are a great addition to the yard especially if you have a small house. They complement the plan of your home easily because they seem like an extension of the house on the exterior, therefore fit easily in all home and garden design plans.

Large blue pool with fountains
Simple umbrella stands

Swimming pool on a patio overlooking a forest

Small white house with thatched roof
Small blue swimming pool
Rock waterfall with a slide
Irregularly shaped pool

Add water features for the swimming pool to appeal even more to the eye. There are many features at your disposal, from waterfalls and fountains to other features that accessorize the design such as rocks, water slides and plants and flowers by the pool. Learn more on how you can incorporate water features in your pool in our previous article, Pool Waterfall Ideas You Can Recreate in Your Backyard.v

Large house with extensive garden and rooftop garden

Long, narrow pools accessorize a small house perfectly.

Small simple pool surrounded by stone terrace

Tiny, custom African-themed pool house

If you have extra space left in your garden, consider adding structures such as pool houses and pergolas, which improve the outlook of your garden even more.

Wooden patio furniture with cushions

Small white house with tiles on the roof

Garden with breathtaking view of the forest

Large contemporary pool with garden in the middle

Step away from the usual rectangular pools by building an irregularly-shaped pool like this contemporary pool with a garden in the middle. This pool offers viewers an elegant contemporary charm that is welcoming and relaxing.

Long, narrow patio

White house with large balcony and red tile roof

Flowers growing around the pool
Stone terrace

Large swimming pool with water features

Small garden surrounded with large trees and bushes

Large umbrella stands for shade in the hot sun

Small, wooden pergola with white, padded patio furniture

Learn more about creating pergolas in your yard by reading our article Refreshing Modern Pergola Design Ideas.

Small, blue pool with dolphin art at the bottom

Long and narrow swimming pool

Swimming pool with simple water fountain

Patio with brilliant and endearing lighting features

Indoor swimming pool

Modern pergola made from wood and stone

Bright flowers growing in pots

Small plunge pool by the lake

Pool decorated with Arabic tiles

Large pool on a contemporary patio

Simple, blue water slide