Clear jets of water flowing from the waterfall

Pool waterfalls are being embraced more as people learn that swimming pools are not just for recreation purposes; they also improve the general appearance of the home. There are countless variations to how pool waterfalls are designed and where they are located in the yard. You can create your pool waterfall in a quiet and serene corner of the yard, or let it stand out as the centerpiece of your yard. Here are some more tips that you might find handy;

Small blue swimming pool
Terrace made from red bricks

Bright flowers growing around the swimming pool

 Large brown rocks

Luxurious tropical-themed swimming pool

Small backyard with green grass

Pool waterfall with burning fire pit
Stone swimming pool
Contemporary swimming pool with waterfall
High, blue, extravagant waterfall

The blue color of this pool waterfall and its majestic height make it visually appealing and therefore stands out as the centerpiece in this yard.

Trees providing shade around swimming pool area
Simple waterfall

Potted plants with large leaves

Swimming pool set in peaceful zone of the yard

Combining your pool waterfall with a waterslide is a fun idea too, especially if you have kids who enjoy playing in the water!

Pool waterfall combined with exotic lighting features
Serene, purple water

Let your pool waterfall stand out even more, especially at night by adding lighting features like in the pool waterfall above.

Clear jets of water flowing from the waterfall

Rock waterfall with rock waterslide

Blue, metal patio furniture with white cushion

Backyard with low, simple wooden fence

Expansive garden with trees and lush vegetation

Dark pool built under gazebo-like feature

Beautiful pond surrounded by rocks

The landscaping is an important aspect when deciding how to design your pool waterfall and can determine the general outlook of your pool waterfall. You can get more tips on landscaping by reading our article about landscaping .

Small rocks stacked neatly to create waterfall

Heavy, blue water streams

Grey and brown medium-sized rocks

Large assortment of rocks

Green shrubs around the waterfall

Low waterfall with little water

Swimming pool built adjacent to brick house

Creatively-designed, natural-looking waterfall

Brown lawn around the pool

Combining our pool waterfall with fire features helps create a relaxing and hospitable environment perfect for outdoor relaxation. Learn more on how you can add fire features to your garden here .

Swimming pool with a wide variety of water features

Elegant, sloping landscape

Circular decorative features in the pool

Swimming pool with two levels

Well-aligned large rocks and pebbles

Heavy waterfall with large amounts of water

Small water fountain feature

Simple gazebo beside swimming pool

Neat and well-maintained patio

Comfortable furniture on the patio

Bright, blue flowers around the waterfall

White, stone wall surrounding home

Large, blue swimming pool