Large painting portraying life in the African villages

African interior design is one of the most creative and playful designs that can be used in the living room. Living rooms with this design are reminiscent of the natural African landscape, African vegetation, countryside’s, sunsets, wildlife and other aspects of African nature. African themed living rooms also bring with them the warmth associated with African lifestyles. Below are some ideas on how you can create the perfect  African interior design in your living room.Throw pillows with African fabric

Large framed African art piece

Edgy and contemporary furniture
African art pieces displayed on wall

This living room merges two worlds with the use of contemporary design and African interior design. The contemporary furniture and design is given a touch of the African life with the incorporation of African art pieces. Of course when you make trips to Africa you can bring back souvenirs, or you can obtain these art pieces from flea markets.

Small wooden coffee tables

Pillows made from African materials

Short stools upholstered in zebra print fabric
Large carpet with zebra prints

Including African animal prints in different decor pieces of the room is an easy way to create the African theme in your living room. The most commonly used animal prints are those of zebras, cheetahs, giraffes, cheetahs and leopards. You can incorporate these in items such as furniture, rugs, drapes, wallpaper and other accessories.

Elegantly polished hardwood floor

Large painting portraying life in the African villages

Area rug with zebra print patterns

Walls painted in green

Thick, orange drapes

When decorating your African themed living room, go for green and orange. These colors make the room stand out and also remind one of the African vegetation and sunsets.

Black buffalo crown displayed above the fireplace

Small living room

Simple coffee table with built-in storage

Window with breathtaking view of the outside

Apartment living room with a view of the city

Elephant art drawn on the wall


Area rug made from the hide of a cheetah

Drapes with simple horizontal patterns

African-inspired sitting stool

Wooden ceiling with wooden beams

Large wooden carving of a giraffe

Upholstered orange chairs

Soft throw pillows in different shades of green
Neat, elegant patio
Rich, detailed, African-inspired living room
African drum

Living room with orange theme

Long, dark brown African vase

Collection of African pots and jars

Painting of African sunset in the wild

Elegant, custom black and white couches
Elegant, custom black and white couches
Black and white color theme
Black fireplace

Black and white adds a graphic touch to African themed living rooms, which is why it is a commonly used color.

Bright and sophisticated living room

Furniture with exquisite animal prints
Framed photographs of African wild animals

Ceiling made from straw

Living room with bright natural lighting

Large, green indoor plants

Elegant candle holders
Simple gold chandelier

Black and white themed living room