small pool in the tiny place with the fall

Having a pool in your backyard is always a great idea. A pool accentuates your yard and transforms it in a whole new way, not to mention that you get a place to relax during your free time. It is always easy to construct beautiful pools for people with expansive yards. It is always assumed that pools are meant for people with large backyards, maybe because smaller backyards are considered too small to fit a good pool. Despite this notion, pools in small backyards are also very beautiful and easier to design. If you need ideas for having a pool in your backyard, we have some interesting ideas for you.

The first option is getting a plunge pool. Plunge pools take up very little space. They are solely based on depth, rather than on exterior size. They can also be constructed on the deck area of your house. Plunge pools are convenient due to the ease of maintaining them and also because they help improve your health.

Alternatively, you can go for the small rectangular in-ground pool, which, basically, is just a small version of a big rectangular pool. It can be as small as 9 by 18 feet. This pool is convenient for people who want small pools that have a simple and minimalistic design.

To spice things up, you can choose a pool that has a curvy shape, rather than the usual rectangular pool. There are several options, from circular, semi-circular and irregularly-shaped pools. Small pools shaped this way are very attractive to the eye. It is usually difficult for large pools to pull off such a look. They can be combined with natural stone and good lighting to make them look even better. Another reason why they are a good alternative is that they allow for fitting of patio and pool furniture in your backyard.

A lap pool is another interesting option. This type of pool runs across the back of a small backyard and is long and narrow. It fits especially well in a long and narrow backyard. The good thing with this pool is that there is still space left for a patio and other decorative pieces you wish to add.

A swim spa or small pool with a Jacuzzi and water features is a good way to go. These types offer a high level of relaxation to the user. Apart from adjustable water temperatures, streams of water can also flow in to give a massaging effect to the user. The user only has to lay back with a book or glass of wine and feel the comfort.

A secret to having an attractive backyard pool also lies in other details surrounding the pool. Make sure your landscaping is perfect and plant beautiful plants and flowers for a garden to boost the image of your small pool. Also have amazing patio and poolside furniture.

pool with glass wall in the backyard

small pool in the tiny place with the fall

round pool int the backyard with stone parapets

square pool int big backyard

pool in the backyard for swimming

round poll with black steel fence behind

square pool for swimming in the backyard

round pool with chait for the rest

small pool in the taking whoel place in the backyard

square pool in the flowers place

round pool ith the wooden fence


backyard swimminf pool in the texas

swwimmin pool directly near the porch
Mediterannean House Design Small Backyard Swimming Pool

small pool in the backyard with steps leading to the down

small pool in the backyards with umbrellas

two pools in the backyard covered with the stome tiles

backyard with two pools with the wooden fence behind