The majority of people today lead a very busy lifestyle and most of the time they have to take their work home with them. For this reason, it’s extremely crucial to create a functioning work area in your home where you can focus on finishing your job in peace. By incorporating the latest eco-friendly design trends, you can turn your home office into an efficient and productive workspace in no time. In order to help you achieve this, we have singled out our favourite tips and tricks for an environmentally-conscious office design.

Green lighting solutions

First things first, you can create an inviting atmosphere by incorporating green lighting solutions in your home office. For example, start by installing larger windows to let in more natural daylight. More importantly, don’t hesitate to switch out your regular bulbs for energy-efficient LEDs. These bulbs will allow you to cut down your energy consumption, increase the amount of money saved on electricity bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Moreover, you can invest in cool-toned LED lamps that shine at a lower intensity allowing you to focus on your work and prevent headaches or eyestrain. Lastly, feel free to bring in high-quality ambient recessed lights for your reading nook so that you can fully enjoy your favourite books and magazines during break time.

Sustainable flooring

Another planet-friendly trend you should incorporate in your home office is sustainable flooring. For instance, instead of opting for regular hardwood, you can choose Bamboo which is a lot more sturdy and moisture-resistant. On top of that, this is an extremely light material and comes in various finishes so you can easily customize the look of your office. Alternatively, you can add a wool carpet since it’s very soft and will keep your feet warm. Also, it doesn’t contain any VOCs that could pollute the air in your workspace. However, if you truly want to express your green side and add a timeless look to your office, you can opt for reclaimed timber which is wood that’s been repurposed from old barns, factories and warehouses.

Go for eco-friendly furniture

You can’t spell ideal home office without stylish and comfortable furnishing. Keep in mind, in contrast to regular pieces, eco-conscious office furniture can be easily acquired from Winc online and can significantly help you do your part for the planet. On top of that, it is constructed according to the highest ergonomic standards. This means that these furnishing will allow you to maintain a great sitting posture which is crucial if you have to work seated for a long time. You can also get an office desk out of recycled plywood which is very simple to assemble and can last you a lifetime. Additionally, you’ll need space for storing all your work-related documents and papers such as bookshelves and cubbies made from FSC sources, recycled metal and plastic.

Add a breath of fresh air with plants

Another important green design trend is adding greenery to the office decor to cleanse the air and evoke a harmonious atmosphere. On top of that, it has been proven that some species like Begonias, Lavender and Orchids help reduce stress and anxiety which commonly occur when people are burning the midnight oil while trying to meet important deadlines. If you want to purify the air and enhance the look of your interior as well, feel free to add a couple of pots with English Ivy, Aloe and Rubber Plants which will eliminate up to 80% of harmful toxins from the room. Finally, if you don’t have the time to take care of your plants and want a more low-maintenance solution, you can still beautify your home office with amazing artificial ones.

Increase productivity with natural colours

Last but not least, in order to add that final touch to your freshly-designed home office, you should find the right modern colour scheme for your walls, furniture and upholstery. Start by adding a satin studio green shade to your palette since it can make the walls really pop and promotes a calm and concentrated vibe. You can also paint accent walls in a St. John Blue hue to inspire creative thought and boost your energy during work. As far as furniture colours are concerned, you can compliment classic gray upholstery with matte magenta-hued throw pillows and blankets.  When it comes to paint materials, always go for non-VOC one’s so your office atmosphere doesn’t get polluted by harmful chemicals.

As you can see, creating a wonderful home office is not so hard after all. All you need to do is incorporate the latest environmentally-friendly decor trends and not be afraid to add your own personal touch to the design. Good luck with your redecoration project!


Written by
Robert Clayton
Writer / Blogger