Coat racks are very important, especially in the cold season. Your coats are usually within easy reach whenever the cold gets too much. They are also very convenient when you get home tired. All you have to do is hang your coat on the coat rack, rather than throw it in some corner where it will get crumpled up and difficult to clean. Luckily enough, constructing your own coat rack is pretty easy. There is no need to get an expensive professional to construct the racks when you can do so yourself. Here are some easy and important tips on building pretty and customised coat racks all by yourself:

Wooden rack with nails for hanging clothes


A simple choice for a coat rack is hitting nails on a horizontal piece of wood. The nails should partially protrude above the wood to allow for hanging, but be nailed in the wood and wall firmly enough so that the rack does not fall off.

Hammer heads as used on a rack

Hammer heads

The handles of the hammers have been cut off and the remaining portion joined to a wooden shelf on the wall for support. The hammer heads serve as coat racks.

A lowly-placed coat rack

Child’s rack

Extended patterned piece of wood used for hanging

Wooden rack

Ball and chain idea of coat hanger

Balls for hanging coats

Tap heads used for hanging coats

Tap handles

The heads of a tap are firmly joined to the wall and used as support for hanging coats.

Random hooks nailed to wall for use as coat hangers

Hanging hooks

Palette hanger for coats and hats

Palette hangers

Curved wooden hooks

Wooden hangers

A wooden rod is attached to the wall and on it, wooden hooks shaped like animal horns attached to provide hanging for coats.

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Coat rack made of tree branches

Tree branch hangers

Short tree branches are nailed to a piece of wood on the wall for support. The branches then serve as hangers for items like coats and scarves. The branches should be short and slim.

Hanging rack decorated with animal paintings

Animal toy rack with metal hooks

Ordinary metal hooks are screwed to the wall, then they are outlined with paintings of fun animals for an extra touch.

Wooden rod coat rack

Metal hooks

Firmly nail an ordinary wooden rod to the wall, then join metal hooks to the wooden rod, on which you will place your hangable items.

Glass doorknobs as hangers

Door knobs

The entire set of a fancy-looking doorknob attached to a wooden rod on a wall provides a vibrant and playful coat hanger. Use four or more knobs to create an attractive series.

Curved spoons nailed to the wall

Curved spoons

Piece of metal substituted for use as a coat rack

Metal rack made of the propeller

Creatively-designed hangers

Golf heads