Ceiling with brown, wooden beams
Indoor plants

The ceiling contributes a lot to the general outlook of the ceiling, so you need to choose a ceiling carefully. Here are some creative ceiling designs perfect for the living room;

Ceiling partitioned by wooden beams
White ceiling

This ceiling is simple white but wooden beams have been used to create partitions throughout the length of the ceiling.


Stylish and elegant ceiling


False ceiling designs work well in the living room.

Black and white-themed living room
Framed pictures on the wall

This living room employs a white ceiling so that it blends in with the black and white theme of the room.

Room with warm lighting
Living room

The colors used for this ceiling work with the color of the lighting in the room to create a warm aesthetic.

Modern ceiling design
Rustic white
Elegant living room

The elegant design of this ceiling adds to the general flavor and elegance of the room.

Use of contrasting elements
Living room with two sections

For this living room, a white ceiling is used where the floor is brown and in the other section which has a white floor, a brown ceiling is used, creating a sharp and beautiful contrast.

Ceiling made out of glass
Partitioned ceiling

This ceiling is made out of frosted glass. It is partitioned into sub-sections by white, wooden beams.

Minimalist living room
Glass table
Small, elegant living room
Brown ceiling

This room has a brown ceiling with white patches in the middle. The brown color of the ceiling matches perfectly with the other colors present in the room.

Small living room
Red rug
Throw pillows on couch
Bright living room


Extensive ceiling with brown mid-section
Beautiful chandelier
Simple ceiling design
White ceiling

This ceiling is simple in design so that it doesn’t take the attention from the beauty in the room, like the beautiful wallpaper and the indoor plants.

Wall-to-ceiling design
Large television

Some areas in the room display the wall-to-ceiling design, where the ceiling appears to extend downwards to the wall.

White-themed living room
Tiled floor
Minimalist living room
Fancy floor design
Ceiling with brown, wooden beams
Indoor plants

For art lovers, a ceiling with cool art elements is perfect for your living room.