Moroccan Living Room Décor

The Moroccan decorating style is reminiscent of bright colors, fancy rugs, lantern-style lights and intricate patterns. Here are some ways you can achieve the perfect Moroccan style living room, through a combination of bold and extravagant details.

Bright living room

Wooden floor

The Moroccan-style living room can be achieved by using bright colors that stand out, against a neutral background, as in this living room.

Small coffee table

Highly patterned throw pillows

Series of throw pillows

Large window

The large window in this Moroccan-style living room provides plenty of style. The assortment of patterned throw pillows adds life to the room.

Upholstered furniture

Patterned rug

Small living room

Indoor plants

Neutral background

Beautiful ceiling

This living room combines the use of bold patterns against a soft and delicate background.

Room with pops of blue against neutral backgrounds

Gold-colored drapes

Room with reflective surfaces

Beautiful candleholders

Moroccan living rooms usually utilize shiny and reflective furniture and accessories.

Curved furniture

Small, rectangular table

Moroccan living rooms do not use the normal furniture. Instead, they go for furniture with curved designs.

Beautiful side-table

Purple covers

Floor and throw pillows

Cozy decor

This living room has a cozy and peaceful atmosphere about it due to the colors of the wall and ceiling. Patterned floor and throw pillows give the room a beautiful Moroccan touch.

Living room with large windows

Minimalist living room

Framed paintings on wall

Floor with tiles

A common feature among Moroccan living rooms is the use of beautiful patterned tiles on the floor.

Old-fashioned fireplace

Exquisite candle lantern

Moroccan living rooms make use of beautifully-crafted candle lanterns and traditional fireplaces.

Walls with patterned wallpaper

Arm chairs

Patterned carpet

Contemporary living room

This living room is the perfect blend of contemporary and traditional Moroccan styles.

Heavy drapes

Patterned rug

A Moroccan-designed living room is not complete without a fancy patterned rug and some bright, patterned pillows.

Small, round coffee table

Intricate geometric patterns

Moroccan living rooms boast of lovely and intricate geometric patterns as seen on the furniture and wallpaper here.

Brightly-colored room

Wooden floor