Minimalist Japanese-style living room
Floor cushions
Beautiful chandelier in living room
Wood elements

Japanese decorating style involves use of natural wood elements in the living room so as to harmonize with nature.  This living room sports a lot of wood elements.

Wooden side-table by the couch
Large television


The view of nature
Large, extensive window

Japanese homes use large, expansive windows to bring nature inside the room. A person sitting in this living room will feel like they are outside enjoying the peaceful atmosphere created by the plants.

Living room with dark aesthetic
Leather couches


Thick, comfy rug
Sliding doors

Sliding doors are a common element of Japanese design styles. These doors are usually transparent to allow the entry of natural light into the room and are also preferred to the traditional swinging door as they don’t take up much space.

Japanese-style entryway
Wooden floor

For Japanese style in your living room, incorporate Japanese-style entryway, called a genkan. This is the area where visitors are welcomed and take off their shoes.

Minimalist Japanese-style living room
Floor cushions

In this living room, the furniture is minimal and floor cushions are used instead, as in most Japanese living rooms.

Japanese living room
Wooden elements
Wooden furniture
Ample natural lighting

Japanese-style living rooms primarily incorporate the use of wooden furniture. Here, the seats are wooden but thick cushions are added for comfort.

Living room with merging styles
Modern lighting

For this living room, modern and Japanese decorating styles have been combined, resulting in a beautiful overall layout. The design is simple and minimalistic to resemble Japanese styles, while the furniture used is modern and neatly aligned. The lighting used also mimics the Japanese style lighting.

Spacious living room
Open space

Japanese-style living rooms tend to be very spacious with lots of open, unoccupied space. The furniture and accessories should be minimum.

Low furniture
Fancy shelf

Japanese designs involve the use of low furniture as seen above.

Round floor cushions
Low plank table

Since Japanese style living rooms feature low furniture, a low plank table has been incorporated in this living room and round floor cushions used to provide comfort while sitting .

Japanese-style furniture
Indoor plants

Japanese-style living rooms incorporate the use of a few indoor plants to brighten up the room. However, the plants need to be green and not flowery as the Japanese style is simple.