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50 Amazing Contemporary Bunk Bed Ideas

The grey drapes covering the bed area and the upholstered furniture add class and elegance to this bunk room
The grey drapes covering the bed area and the upholstered furniture add class and elegance to this bunk room. by Harman Wilde

Bunk beds create and playful charm while providing space-saving solutions. Space is becoming increasingly important in modern homes, and every homeowner needs to think vertically when trying to save space. Bunk beds are incorporated into many children’s room. However, bunk beds bring with them several advantages and as such, they are not limited for use in children’s bedrooms. As you will soon find out, bunk beds make a great addition to adults’ rooms also.

Bunk beds are available in a wide variety of styles and themes. If you are skeptical about incorporating bunk beds in your rooms, you need not worry. There are plenty of smart bunk bed designs you can adopt for your home.

Even though the main advantage of bunk beds is the space-saving solutions they provide, it is important to also consider other factors while selecting a bunk bed. The design of the bunk bed is important, especially if you are going to use in a kid’s room.

Below are ideas to inspire you in case you are considering getting a bunk bed;

How about a bunk bed tower in the bedroom?
by Michael Abrams Limited
Lovely girls’ bedroom with a colorful bunk bed
By Savio & Rupa Interior Concepts
Trendy kids’ room with a bubble chair and bunk beds
By Chango & Co.
Sophisticated bunk bed design
by Kraig Kalashian
White and purple bunk bed for girls’ bedroom
Custom-made bunk bed design for small bedroom
by Karen White Interior Design
Contemporary girls’ bedroom in white with plush bunk beds and contemporary lighting feature
by Betty Wasserman
Easily foldable twin bunk beds
By Caden Design Group

Built-In Units and Custom Solutions

Many homeowners opt for bunk bed installations to save space. However, it is important that every homeowner chooses a bunk bed that is in line with the design of the room. For this reason, it is always better for homeowners to choose custom designs and built-in units that are built specifically with the design of the room in mind.

Beach-style kids’ bedroom with twin bunk beds by Amy Maguire
Custom bunk beds with in-built storage and staircase
by Lovelace Interiors
Striped carpet gives the room an urbane look
by H&H Design
Bunk beds attached to the wall to create space in the center of the room

Large families are embracing bunk rooms as a way to solve sleeping arrangements and save space. Joining large families in adopting this trend are luxury retreats and cabin resorts that cater for the accommodation needs of families. These resorts add a casual and exciting vibe to their bunk rooms in order to perfectly mimic the holiday environment. These bunk rooms are usually cozy and comfortable.

Blue and white color scheme is a classic that always works for boys’ bedroom
by Lauren Leonard Interiors
Bunk beds on the inside and outside!
by Raymond Forehand
Innovative wooden wall with several bunk beds
By H2O Architects
The grey drapes covering the bed area and the upholstered furniture add class and elegance to this bunk room.
by Harman Wilde
Beautiful bunk beds inspired by a coastal theme
by Jennifer Brouwer Design
Sconce lights for each bunk allow you to grab a book while in bed
by Studio Frank
Simple and minimalist bunk room design

Creative Design and Smart Storage Solutions

Choosing a bunk bed with in-built storage is important especially if it the bed is meant for a child’s room. In-built storage can be in form of shelves or drawers. Contemporary bunk beds are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs. While some bunk beds may be in form a loft bed with a standalone lower bunk, others are in form of a fold-away Murphy bed and others have cool trundle bed features that your kids are bound to love.

Bunk bed with trundle feature saves up on space
Twin Bunk Bed with plenty of storage options
by Vons Furniture
Cool contemporary bunk beds for the trendy modern bedroom
by Leone Design Studio

In most bunk beds, the storage area is usually placed under the lower bunk. In other bunk beds, the storage space is placed behind the stairs that lead up to the upper bunk. Some more complex bunk beds are incorporated with wall units that are integrated with a study table and/ or closet.

Kids’ bedroom with colorful and exuberant details
Matching decor accentuates the look of the bedroom
Red and blue is a popular color scheme in the kids’ bedroom
Turn a loft bed into a bunk bed with some innovative planning
by Incorporated
Kids bedroom with compact bunk beds and a study
Twin bed over full bunk bed with stairs that double as drawers
Sports themed kids’ bedroom with bunk beds and built-in storage
By Visbeen Architects

Ladders, Ropes and Slides

One common fact about kids is that they dislike dull and boring décor. Spice up your kid’s life by creating a bunk bed that is fun and interesting. You can add entertainment features such as ladders, ropes and slides to your kid’s bunk bed.

Gorgeous wooden bunk bed with a slide!
by Martin Perri Interiors
Creative take on bunk beds with fun ladder
Make the bunk beds a lot more fun with a slide and ropes
Make the bunk beds a lot more fun with a slide and ropes
Why not put the lower bunk on casters!
by CG&S Design-Build
Small bunk bed with a slide in a colorful kids’ bedroom
by Cynthia Prizant – Prizant Design

Sophisticated Adult Bunk Bed Designs

Most people think that bunk beds are solely meant for kids. However, this is not always the case. Bunk beds can make the perfect addition to adult bedrooms also, with the right style and design. Bunk beds offer space-saving solutions for people who share living spaces such as studio apartments. There are plenty of sophisticated adult bunk bed designs that can provide space solutions in your home.

Bunk bed design idea for adult bedroom
by Shane D. Inman
Elegant adult bunk bed for a contemporary home design
by Design Fab
Bunk beds with individual lighting for each bunk area
Modern adult bedroom with stylish bunk beds and upholstered stools
by Knudson Interiors
Stylish bedroom with cool, contemporary decor additions
Smart bunk bed idea is perfect for adult rooms as well
by Room & Board
Most adult rooms would struggle to pull off such an elegant look!
by Becky Harris

Hint of Rustic Charm

The rustic cabin design is especially perfect for adult bunk beds. The rustic look creates an adult atmosphere and ambience effortlessly. If you are looking to explore new décor styles in your home or bedroom, then you should definitely get a bunk bed. Bunk beds will make a great addition to your guest room and are bound to come in handy when you have guests sleeping over.

Amazing bedroom draws its inspiration from medieval dungeons!
by Highline Partners
Compact boys’ bedroom with a rustic theme
by Platinum Series by Mark Molthan
Rustic cabin-styled bedroom with innovative bunk bed
by Peace Design
Chalet in Courchevel with bunk beds
Classic bunk bed design with stairs
Kids’ room tries to recreate an outdoor camping vibe
by Landmark Homes


source: Decoist

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