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Tips on Decorating Small Living Rooms

Photographs hanging on wall
White furniture

Decorating a small living room is actually much easier than it seems. The trick is in making the room appear larger than it is, so that the space does not feel cramped.

Bright, patterned rug

A small living room should have light furniture that does not dominate the room and consumes minimum space.

Unique lighting fixture
White furniture
Living room with balcony
Wooden floor

Large windows help improve the lighting of a small space.

Round coffee table
Upholstered furniture

Hanging bright wall art on the wall helps transform the look of the room.

Glass coffee table

Use as little furniture as possible in a small living room. Filling up a small space with a lot of furniture gives it a disorganized and squeezed look.

Grey couches

Use bold colors for small living rooms, to make the room appear powerful and magnificent. The grey furniture in this room gives it a strong feel.

Throw pillows

A small living room can be easily decorated using items like flowers.

Beautiful indoor plants

While choosing furniture for a small living room, make sure you buy comfortable furniture. This large couch is very comfortable.

Large TV screen

Mounting the TV on the wall helps save space in a small living room because it eliminates the need for a TV stand, which consumes a lot of space.

Traditional fireplace
Coffee table with drawers

Small living room owners should always try to minimize on space usage. This can be achieved by combining storage functions with the furniture, like this coffee table with drawers for storage.

Patterned drapes

For small living rooms, use drapes and high-hung curtains. Long drapes and curtains draw the eye upwards, instead of horizontally, so the room appears larger.

White hanging lights
Simple living room

This living room makes use of neutral and friendly colors, a good choice for small living rooms. Neutral colors make the space appear larger and create a calm environment.

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