Rock Garden Inspiration Ideas

Rock gardens are becoming increasingly popular as more people realize their power to transform the landscape beautifully. Here is some inspiration for you;

Large backyard

Beautiful rocks

A beautiful rock garden can be created by filling the space between the rocks with flowered plants.

Assortment of rocks

Fenced garden

A creative way to spice up your rock garden is by mixing large and small rocks as seen in this garden.

Front yard garden

Beautiful house

The front exterior of this house has been filled with large rocks in order to create a front yard rock garden, which gives this home an inviting entrance.

Assortment of pebbles in garden

Brick wall

Well-trimmed lawn

Garden pathway

You can create a pathway in your garden so that people don’t have to walk on the rocks or plants. For a great-looking pathway, design a pathway with different rock sizes and colors.

Large tree

Outdoor seating area

Having a few large trees in the rock garden help to transform the whole look beautifully. The large tree in this garden also provides shade to anyone sitting around the outdoor table.

Rock garden with large-sized rocks

Contrasting shades

Mixture of different rock sizes and colors

Fern plants

Wide selection of garden plants

Large garden

Well-maintained center lawn

Potted flowers

A green well-maintained lawn surrounded by rocks and a bright flowerbed is a simple yet beautiful design.

Simple rock garden

Stone pathway

For a simple rock garden approach, create a beautiful stone pathway and surround it with bright plants or an assortment of rocks.

Flowerbed rock border

Beautiful flowerbed

You can plant a flowerbed in the exterior of your house then use rocks to create a border around the flowerbed.

Green plants

Brown-colored rocks

You can opt for simple, green plants in your rock garden, instead of bright and flowery plants. You can also use drought-resistant plants such as these, so that your rock garden stays green even during the dry season.

Garden with staircase pathway

Colorful garden

This rock garden features a wide assortment of flowers in different bright colors.

Simple garden

Potted plants

Growing plants and flowers in pots makes them easier to manage.

Simple, beautiful garden

Garden with many trees in background

Brown rock pathway

Stone wall fence

contrast of dark rocks and bright pebbles

Shiny pebbles