If you naturally associate gray with dullness and boringness, then you simply “haven’t tasted” the color’s magic. Still don’t believe us? Then this selection is specifically for you!

We have prepared photos of 30 of the most beautiful gray interiors for every taste, plus tips on achieving each type of look.

There is a stereotype that gray in the interior looks dull and inconspicuous. Just a few people know that gray is actually an excellent basis for the interior, skillfully hiding the flaws of the room, and giving the interior style and nobility if used properly.

A good solution is to use gray of a darker shade as the accent for a niche , allowing you to visually eliminate the entire wall and enlarge the space.

Here is one interesting example where a barely perceptible gray hue flows smoothly into a gray-blue tone. You must agree the look is extraordinarily harmonious.

The classic combination of gray + black + white will always be relevant, helping you add expressiveness to the living room, especially if it is in the Scandinavian style.

Rough textures such as natural stone, concrete or brick will visibly enliven the gray room, so you are free to use them generously.

The abundance of natural light perfectly emphasizes the texture of such walls, so make sure to have as many inlets for natural light as possible.

Pairing gray with white in the living room makes it appear more spacious, more airy and more lit up.

Using a variety of materials such as fur, glass, silver and wood for décor creates immense visual interest, and there’s no way such a living room can be boring.

Even just one bright accent makes a huge difference, breathing life into a gray living room.

Copper and brass accessories not only add gloss, but also style and elegance.

Gold-plated ornaments are a great way to add a touch of sunshine to a gray living room. Steer clear of ornaments made of real gold since they can easily get stolen if you display them in the living room.

The owners of this living room are clearly well-versed with the tricks of visual expansion of space.

Not everyone likes bright and bold accents in gray interiors. If you’re such a person, then you probably want the living room to remain neutral, a result you can easily achieve.

Beige shades will help to add comfort and warmth to the gray room.

Delicate turquoise textiles and a few decorative elements in neutral colors such as this bring freshness to gray interiors.

An awesome accompaniment for gray is hardwood furniture.

However, if you still want to see the living room as cozy and homely, consider wooden furniture in bright hues such as red or yellow.

In Scandinavian interiors, a rather popular option is the use of bleached wood in the living room.

A crystal chandelier and glass decor will make the gray room shine and sparkle in the rays of diffused light.

A crystal chandelier and glass decor will make the gray room shine and sparkle in the rays of diffused light.

You don’t necessarily have to use all the 50 shades of grey to achieve a multifaceted look. You can still achieve the effect with just a few or even one shade of the color.

For a gray living room, plenty of small pictures is a concept best avoided. Instead, use one large picture. The result will be spectacular and un-destructing, just like in an art gallery.

Fans of classic interiors can’t help but appreciate the beauty of the gray scale, which, in essence, caters for the aristocrats.

A few juicy citrus paints will certainly cheer up the occupants even in the grayest days, just as you can observe in the photo below.

The combination of gray and yellow can be discussed extensively, but the basic point to note is that despite the opposite hues of these two colors, their pairing is incredibly charming.

Gray does not always have to be basic. It can also be used to mute shouting shades like pink.

Gray with echoes of “sweet” tones (for example, lilac or caramel) will make your living room light and airy, like you can see in this photo.

You can liven up a gray living room with bright undertones or bright décor such as flowers.

Such shades of red like coral or garnet, without any doubt, eccentrically transform the gray room.

The use of varying patterns, ornaments or prints favorably diversifies a monotonous gray living room.

It is difficult to spoil a gray interior with bright accents, but it is better to be safe by using bright accents sparingly.