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Zen Living Room Design Modern Ideas

Living room with large windows
Neutral colors

Zen living rooms usualy provide a peaceful environment, where people can relax. With furniture repositioning and simple lighting adjustments, the Zen living room look can be achieved easily.

Neutral colors

To achieve the perfect Zen look for your living room, use neutral colors instead of bright colors. Neutral colors create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

Dim lighting

Zen designs make use of dim lighting to create a relaxing mood.

Low furniture
Beautiful aquarium

This living room is a blend of Zen and open living room designs. The aquarium provides a peaceful and calming environment.

Drapes in neutral colors
Attractive lighting

Zen interior designs usually use natural wood window frames. They are a great design idea because of the simplicity and natural appeal they bring.

Beautiful wall art

Most Zen living room designs usually incorporate simple wall art.

Living room with minimum furniture

Zen design style usually keeps furniture and decorative elements at a minimum.

Adjoined living room and kitchen

Hanging lights are used in the kitchen segment to set it apart from the adjoined living room.

Contrasting floor and ceiling

The white-colored walls and ceiling contrast beautifully with the dull tone of the floor.

Patterned rug
Cozy fireplace
Wall art
Low coffee table

The low seats and low coffee table provide an inventive area where you can sit and have tea. Those who do not want to sit on the floor can  sit on the low seat.

Zen-inspired sunroom

A Zen living room has an even greater appeal if it offers the view of the outside environment, with beautiful trees and plants.

Plants in beautiful glass pots

Zen living room designs usually incorporate potted indoor plants. Here, beautiful glass pots are used, creating a fresh twist.

Indoor plants

Zen interior designs incorporate Buddha sculptures and other spiritual artwork.

Creative wallpaper
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