Why You Should Ditch your Traditional Ceiling and Adopt Dramatic Black Ceilings

It is not common to find black ceilings. Most people opt for the traditional white ceilings or ceilings painted in bright or medium-tone colors. However, when it comes o interior design, it is important for all homeowners who love their homes to constantly experiment and push the edge when it comes to acceptable design ideas. Below, we show you the beauty of black ceilings and reasons why they are a good design idea.

Series of hanging lights

Black ceiling

Large television screen between shelves

Simple grey area rug

Long black dining table

Sheer white drapes

A black ceiling is a good way to go when you are trying to create a black and white theme in your room.

White-painted walls

Bright living room

Glass side table

White couches

Dim lighting

White bedding

Living room with many windows

White floor

Bedding with colorful prints

Black wooden chest

Elegant chandelier

Colorful pillows of different sizes

For an even grander and more dramatic look, pair your black ceiling with a large and majestic chandelier, like in this bedroom. The chandelier is an eye-catching counter piece to the black ceiling. This way, you will be able to create an interior design masterpiece that will leave everyone in awe.

Leather couch

Framed photograph

Black leather seats

Dark room

This room is the perfect screening room one could have in their home. The black ceiling is a perfect idea because it unifies all the black elements in the room, creating a look that is unified and continuous.

Series of framed photographs

Grey carpet

Small coffee table

Small char with patterned upholstery

Black and white themed room

Television screen mounted on wall

A black ceiling is a good way to break the monotony of too much brightness in a room. This bedroom, for instance, is too bright considering the white theme and huge amount of light entering the room from the windows. However, the black ceiling does a good job of breaking the brightness and toning it down. It creates the perfect contrast to the white.

Stone pillars

Family entertainment room

Majestic overhead lighting fixture

Stone wall

Simply decorated room

Neutral-colored walls

If you have an architectural and well-designed trim at the end of the upper wall, near the ceiling, then the best way to draw attention to it is by painting the ceiling black.

Large bathroom window

Simple bathtub

Glass coffee table

Hardwood floor

Window with white film

Black walls

If you have painted a section of your walls black, take the elegant look even further by painting the ceiling black also. The outcome will be a stylish and elegant room.