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Ways to Decorate Grey Living Rooms

Grey living room themes are highly common and popular because they are easy to decorate. Different shades of grey can be used to create different looks and styles, depending on how they are used. The floor patterns and those of the accessories like carpets and curtains can transform the style of a grey living room to fit a contemporary or more traditional look. Here are some ways a grey living room can be decorated;

Large glass window

This living room uses grey in dark hues. Using dark shades of grey that almost resemble black create a modern and contemporary look.

Grey drapes

Combining pale grey surfaces and furniture with pale blue accessories such as the pale blue floor pillow above results in a calm and cozy feel.

Vase of flowers

Painting the entire room white and pairing with grey accessories such as the grey carpet and grey table in this living creates a simple yet appealing grey-themed look.

White couch

White ceiling

You can also opt for a neutral grey living room. The white ceiling and light brown floor complement the light grey hues creating a simple and relaxing atmosphere.

Display of flowers

For small living rooms, you can add a few bright accessories such as these patterned yellow throw pillows, to avoid the boring look created by the use of grey colors.

Wooden coffee table
Art hung on wall

Combining grey with warm blue colors and grey in tones of grey helps create a vintage-inspired and classic look as seen in this living room. The result is an amazing blue-grey living room.

Pretty rug

A beautiful grey look is easily achieved by using attractive grey rugs and carpets in attractive patterns.

Grey floor

Mixing different shades of grey can easily create a beautiful look. This living room combines grey in a tone that is approaching blue and a light grey tone, creating an attractive sharp contrast.

Purple throw pillows
Fireplace in living room
White lampstand
Dark grey wallpaper
Wooden ceiling

This contemporary living room mixes grey in light shades and brown-colored furniture and ceiling, creating a beautiful contrast.

Throw pillows
Upholstered chairs

Here gray has been combined with sheer white drapes and pops of red to create a look that is cozy and relaxing.

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