Niches create endless possibilities for interior experiments. Some of the most popular questions people have regarding wall niches include: How does one correctly use the openings in the wall? Why is a bed in a niche the perfect solution? What interesting ideas can be applied?

In this article, we tackle these questions, while also presenting you with more tips we are certain you’ll appreciate.

A wall niche is not just a recess in the wall or a mere decorative element. In fact, a wall niche is a tool with which you can create a functional space, especially in a small area. Such a simple technique will make the room more attractive and original. First, we discuss how to use a sofa or bed in a niche.

Rooms don’t always have wall openings, so if you wish, you can build plasterboard partitions for rooms without openings. The greatest tip is that every little bit of the space should be accounted for. You can make all kinds of shelves around the sofa and use it to store and display objects like books or accessories, as illustrated in the photo below.

Even if the niche is extremely small, it can fit a tiny sitting area in form of a cushion and a few pillows.

To highlight and add texture to this area, opt for materials such as wood, brick, stone or metal, or their imitations.

Don’t forget that the niche is darker than the rest of the room, so it requires additional lighting.

Even in a very small recess, you can create a cozy corner, where you can immerse yourself in reading your favorite book or just relax a little.

A niche sofa that is soft all round is the most comfortable. It is also better if you choose interesting fabric colors that stand out against the background of the room.

If you’re lucky, the niche will at least have a small window, which serves the great purpose of letting in natural light. Still, even with a window, you need to think of artificial lighting options, which come in especially handy when darkness begins to set in.

The niche is an ideal place not just for a sofa, but also for a bed. Here you can feel more secure and better enjoy your solitude due to the three walls. However, because of these elements, one is bound to feel that the bed in the niche is smaller than it actually is.

Additionally, you can seal off a niche with a bed with a curtain or some kind of screen, instantly isolating yourself from the world and immersing yourself in your own calm, little world.

Niches are the perfect solution for a small apartment , since they helpfree up space, especially in narrow rooms.

You can choose a bright wallpaper for the back wall of the niche, making it an accent.

Alternatively, you can choose a finish that is a couple of shades darker or lighter than the one that already exists on the nearby walls.

You can embed spotlights above the bed and attach sconces on both sides, so you can easily and more comfortably read while in bed.

In cases where the niche is wider than the bed, you can create a shelf or build a structure to act as a bedside table. You can place a framed picture or any other type of décor above the headboard, just like in the bedroom below.

In a small apartment, you can think of a niche with a transforming bed, so that during the day, the sleeping area is hidden from view, through use of the lifting technique.

It is necessary to note that that in the niche, the bed should be placed close to the wall, without gaps near the headboard.

If the niche is as wide as the bed itself, a shelf with personal items and lamps can be made above the headboard.

A niche in the bedroom is a pretty good way to save space, enabling you to push the bed deeper into the wall and clearing off an enormous amount of space.

Sleeping in a niche was a very popular trend in the 15th century, but, as you can see, the beautiful trend is gradually making a comeback.

In general, one of the best places for a niche bed is, of course, the children’s room . Your child will definitely be delighted with this idea, mostly because it allows them to retreat into their own tiny, magical world.

Be sure to use the space under the bed , for instance, by creating additional storage systems. The execution of this idea is beautiful, simple, and most importantly – functional.

The attic is another place where a niche bed is often used. If you seal off the sleeping area with a curtain, you are definitely bound to have one hell of a comfy and pleasant sleep.

A room for a teenager, where the niche is equipped with a bed, drawers and shelves, is not only functional, but also very stylish.

With a niche in the children’s room, you have the opportunity to turn the sleeping place of your child into a delightful magical space. Some options include arranging into a ship’s cabin, cave, magic forest or a kingdom. Essentially, your choice should center around what your child loves.

If the room has a large window with a beautiful view, do not miss the opportunity to create the perfect relaxation corner in the window niche. You can. For instance, install a mini-couch with several built-in drawers and shelves for storing books or other things.

The opening can be figured, for example in the form of an arch, like in the above photo. Very often, the niche bears the same color scheme as the whole room, allowing the creation of a harmonious and consolidated space.

In modern design, a niche is not just an opening in the wall, but a real functional space able to perform several functions and still come off as aesthetically attractive.