If you are looking to break the monotony of the design and décor of your home, then you can as well start with the wall. If you are lost for ideas on how you can step away from the monotony and try something spectacular with your wall décor, we got you. Whether you are a fan of color or patterns, we have a variety of ideas on how you can achieve the best looks using a combination of both.

Shimmering wall art that dazzles the eye against the dark grey background

Don’t you just love a shiny wall? There is no denying that this wall adds so much character to this room. The dark grey and white theme creates a beautiful color contrast. The illuminated wall art and crystal chandelier near the wall create a sparkly look that makes the room come to life.

Wallpaper with over-the-top patterns

Natural hedge wall

If you love nature, then what better way to show your appreciation than through the use of a natural hedge wall? This wall design embraces this concept perfectly, with the use of a hedge that has been trimmed neatly and even has flowers.

Contemporary color-blocked wall décor

The use of color blocking to decorate homes is continually gaining momentum, because of the ease of executing color blocking and the breathtaking end result. In this room, the color blocking effects have been applied to the wall, floor, ceiling and furniture, using light and dark brown shades as well as light green and deep red hues. The result is a space that is lively and welcoming.

Dark wallpaper with intricate flower patterns and overhead recessed in-ceiling lighting

If you would like to overhaul your wall décor but are unwilling to commit to a permanent change, you might as well go with the most commonly preferred piece of wall décor, a wallpaper.  All you need to do is make sure the wallpaper design is unique and catchy.

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Wall with white subway tile adjoining wall with tree-shaped bookshelf

There is no limitation to the number of ideas you can execute to spice up your wall design. In this room for instance, different types of walls have been used, creating a look that is interesting. The creation of a bookshelf similar to a tree on the other side of the wall creates a playful vibe.

Contemporary DIY wall décor made from circular wooden pieces

This DIY wall art is entirely captivating, with all the color and geometric symmetry of the pieces used. Circular wooden pieces of different sizes have been stacked against the wall, while the lighting and yellow and purple pieces help break the monotony of the circular wooden pieces.

Painting placed on the wall

Do not shy away from accessories that make your wall and indeed, entire room, pop. There is a wide range of accessories you can use, including paintings, art pieces, photographs, clocks and other decorative pieces you can hang on the wall or stack against it.