Vintage – Inspired Bathroom

There are a number of ways through which you can achieve the vintage bathroom style, ranging from cozy to chic and sophisticated styles.

Stone fireplace

Array of candles

Use of stone walls and surfaces is an easy method of achieving the perfect vintage style.

Antique cabinet

Fuzzy rug

Fuzzy rugs and fluffy towels help to add pattern and color to the bathroom.

Exquisite curtain

Footed tub

You can use ruffled and extravagant-styled curtains to enclose the bathtub area, adding color and elegance to the room.

Antique-style mirrors

Bathroom window

Addition of footed bathtubs and antique mirrors is one of the easiest ways the antique bathroom look can be achieved.

Patterned tiles

Storage shelf

Retro motifs on the floor and patterned and accented tiles have a huge effect in contributing to the vintage bathroom look. Stylish tiles are a great way of expressing your personal style.

Blue walls

Indoor plant

Use of blue color in vintage bathrooms can never go wrong.

Bright, patterned tiles

Flowery shower curtains

Large window

Black and white theme

White is a commonly used color in antique bathrooms, because of the simplicity. Large windows brighten up the look by letting in natural light.

Blue mat

Antique-style pipes and faucets

Wooden floor

Antique chair

Add antique-style furniture like cabinets, dressers and chairs for a simple yet elegant vintage bathroom look.

Patterned mat

Hanged lanterns

Incorporating vintage-style lighting fixtures like the lamps in this bathroom are an easy way of decorating your antique bathroom.

Round mirror

Aluminum bathtub

Aluminum bathtubs help create a retro vintage bathroom with minimumeffort.

Adjoined storage cabinets

Rustic white theme

Rustic white surfaces in a bathroom coupled with a few design details help create an elegant and sophisticated antique bathroom.

Black and white floor

Antique bathtub

Black and white tiles are commonly used in antique bathrooms. Black and white tiles help highlight the bathroom’s antique features.

Framed photograph

Side-by-side cabinets

Blue, patterned wallpaper

Upholstered stool

Wallpaper in soft tones and light patterns like blue creates a peaceful air in the bathroom. Upholstered furniture is also a key element of antique bathrooms.

Grey cabinets

Wooden floor

The grey cabinets and soft tones of the hardwood floor creates a bold vintage look.

Bathtub with wooden exterior covering

Patterned wall tiles

Marble surface

Paneled windows