The Victorian style originated in England during the reign of Queen Victoria, after whom it was named. It combines elements of classical, Gothic and Oriental exoticism. As befits a Royal style Victorian is distinguished by its luxury and wealth. At the heart of the Victorian style is elegant decorations, antique furniture and vintage accessories. In modern conditions the preference is still given to period furniture made from light wood and mahogany. The colors of the interior are always present gold, amber, purple and/or dark-green tones. To recreate the style, it is recommended that you have spacious rooms with high ceilings.

For bedrooms in Victorian style, select quality furniture made of solid wood. In addition to traditional beds in the room, you can install a stylized wardrobe, aged by using emery paper and decorated with images of birds and flowers. Images are applied manually or with the help of stencils. The final touch in decorating furniture will be decoupage. The center of attention is the bed; it should be high, with a carved wooden headboard or with upholstery made of expensive fabric. On bedside tables or stands are set night lamps, pictures and flowers.

Antique candle holders or sconces with long narrow lights in the form of candles are adorned on the walls and on the ceiling are hanged antique chandeliers. Window frames are draped by heavy curtains of light shades with floral prints.

In the finishing and decoration of the bedroom, there should be a white color, which is emphasized by golden and mustard blends in with the blue, ruby and turquoise.

Pictures and mirrors in gilt frames will bring Victorian spirit in the room interior.

These are only few Victorian bedroom ideas, allowing you to create luxury interiors.


















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