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Vase Decoration Ideas: Simple DIY Tips to Create a Unique Vase

White and blue flower vase with matching tablecloth and décor

When it comes to vases, you can spare your pocket and use a free tricks to create a cool, unique vase, instead of spending a lot of money buying a high-end custom vase. There are plenty of materials to choose from, both natural and artificial, as well as numerous ideas to make these vases stand out. Below are some ideas for your insipiration. Most of these DIY tips are simple and can be completed within just a few minutes.

Tablecloth with patterns matching the decor in the vase

In this room, the décor in the glass vase matches the tablecloth and curtain designs, creating a visually appealing look.

Sometimes, the trick is not in the way you decorate the vase, but in the way you position that vase.  In this home, ordinary glass vases in different designs have been arranged neatly in a row and filled with elegant floral arrangements to bring life and beauty at the dinner table.

It pays to think out of the box when choosing a vase. Here, a DIY flower vase has been made by removing the interior part of the tree and leaving the bark, to create a hollow space, resulting in a simple yet extraordinary flower vase.

Upcycled containers

To create a unique look, find old containers around the house and upcycle them to create a custom vase.

Glass is a common material for vases, so if you opt for a glass vase, you should make it unique by filling it with objects one would ordinarily never think of.

DIY floral arrangement

Wreath of bright flowers around vase


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