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Using Marble in Your Bathroom Design

Neutral-colored marble bathroom tiles

Marble can make a great addition to your bathroom design. Marble brings a high-end and sophisticated elegance to your bathroom, all at a very economical cost. Italian marble, which is more expensive than ordinary marble, is often of high quality and suitable for use in the bathroom, because of its ability to withstand wetness. However, before you are tempted by the allure of this stone, here is the flip side of using marble in your bathroom design, especially ordinary marble;

  • Marble is very absorbent, therefore it cannot withstand wetness well enough
  • It is easily corroded by acidic substances
  • Because it contains iron, it discolors easily

If you are still interested in using marble in your bathroom, the following tips might be helpful;

How You Can Incorporate Marble Countertops in Your Bathroom

You can use marble countertops in your bathroom, as in the pictures below. However, take extra caution to ensure that water or acidic substances do not come in contact with the marble.

Pairing marble  and wood results in an endearing and functional look.


Spice Up Your Bathroom Design With These Ideas for Marble Tiles

Using marble tiles with veins on the floor creates quite the elegant look in this bathroom.

Marble in a small bathroom helps make the room appear larger than it is.

Lighting, especially natural lighting, is key in a bathroom with marble, moreso if the marble covers many surfaces. The skylight in this marble bathroom provides natural light that illuminates the tub above all other features.

Adding bold and bright-colored details to a marble-encrusted bathroom like the yellow flower in the above marble bathroom helps break the monotony of the marble look.

This black and white marble bathroom design is absolutely gorgeous!  The floor tiles and a section of the wall are made from richly-veined marble, creating a high-end look that is difficult to imitate.

White marble bathrooms stand out more than ordinary bathrooms. Even better, make sure there are plenty of lighting options, to illuminate the white color scheme. Adding a mirror or two to a white marble bathroom reflects the light, livening up the bathroom more.

Warm and cozy bathroom with large, dark brown marble tiles

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