The main hallmarks of loft style in the interior

Loft can also mean the same as attic, and what style can there be in the attic? It seems to be none. This lack of “thoughtful” design, ostentatious meanness and simplicity of the situation is what is referred to as loft. Once the workers of New York could not afford to repair their homes or buy new furniture. However, just like artists, writers and other representatives of bohemia, they liked this free style, where there is no desire for comfort and philistine “beauty.” Gradually, in interior design, a separate direction was singled out- loft style.

What are its main features?

  • Lack of walls and ceilings.The walls are brick or concrete, rough plaster is allowed.
  • The floor is wooden.
  • The windows are large, without curtains.
  • Furniture is ordinary, and in the most unusual colors.Its purpose is not to decorate the room, but to provide functionality.  The furniture all comes in different colors and shapes.
  • A combination of modern and outdated technology.

With this style, everything seems to have been accidentally collected in one space, but there are no details “for beauty”. Imagine that you need to arrange the whole apartment in loft style. How will it appear?

Design of the corridor

The entryway to the house starts with the hallway, and we also need to immediately create the right atmosphere. Everyone who comes in must understand that this is a non-standard apartment, everything here is arranged uniquely.

Loft design is suitable if you have just entered a new building. It gives you the opportunity to forego the finishing touches and create a trendy design.

If the walls are brick, then you need not worry much. You are free to leave them in their original form and that’s it. In the panel house there are concrete walls, which also do not necessarily require modification. However, if the walls appear too out of place, you can use plaster.

The ceiling is best painted white paint or left untouched. For the floor, you can cover it with a laminate or a plain light tile. If you wish, you can also use real boards.

Furniture is most desirably arranged in a retro style, with features such as an old-fashioned hanger, a nightstand and a wooden wardrobe for clothes. If you need a roomy closet , it’s better to do without the doors. In general, modern shelves and racks are allowed.

For lighting on the ceiling, you can hang a chandelier with a simple plafond, and on the walls, as a supplement, small sconces.

An antique table and a floor lamp are combined with a modern wardrobe and a spotlight.


In this corridor, you can see some characteristics of loft style.

Bright tiles effectively decorate the hallway.
Black and white bedside table is a highlight of this design.

Classical furniture in the loft style corridor.

Living room in the “attic” style

The next important place where all the visitors go is the living room. To add a cozy room and keep the style you need, one wall or part of it is left unfinished. You can select only one untreated corner, and plaster and paint the rest. There are situations where all the walls and ceiling are completely unfinished, as well as where the concrete walls are barely smeared with plaster. A few will dare to implement these options. Remember that loft style does not allow use of any wallpaper!

On the ceilings of many new buildings, there are concrete beams. They perfectly emphasize the style of the loft. You can paint them with white water-based paint, which is the best solution. Even if this is not your idea of an ideal ceiling, this design will not spoil it, but, conversely, will become its logical continuation.

Let’s pay attention to the window. If possible, you need to put use wooden windows. We know that long dense curtains do not fit into the overall style of the apartment. Therefore, limit use of blinds, although almost nowhere will we find examples of the interior of the loft, where windows would be covered with some material. In Europe and America, open windows are normal, but we have a different reality and mentality here. We want to use curtains for decoration as well as to create privacy from the outside world.

An excellent example of loft design: brick walls, plafonds, colorful furniture.
Posters and paintings add personality to the interior.
Blinds are a great way to cover windows in loft style. Plain blinds are better than those with prints or patterns.

What kind of furniture to buy?

It should be:

  • Plain;
  • Inexpensive;
  • Functional;
  • Without ornaments.

To choose simple furniture, the main features to look out for are convenience and reliability. Other characteristics are completely unimportant. On the walls, you can hang clocks, black and white photographs or posters.

What to do with this style

If in the corridor you opt for laminate or boards, then the rest of the rooms need have the same materials. Tiles do not quite fit into the loft style. In the interior of the hallway their use is practical, but in a room it is better to avoid using them.

Carpets, of course, are not necessary, because they do not fit our design. Luxury décor is discouraged. Instead, use only what is important.

However, increasingly in living rooms, we are forced to back away from these canons of style for the sake of comfort.

Loft style in the kitchen

All the rules for wall, ceiling and floor finish apply in the kitchen. Initially, only apartment studios were designed in loft style. A lot of free space and lack of partitions are the main ideas of this style.

In such a dwelling loft style is easily adaptable. Without spending much money and effort to equip your nest, you can have everything you need.

In such an apartment the kitchen area is separated by furniture, a table or a rack. The division is barely noticeable, unconstrained. To slightly color the situation of the “attic”, we can put a couple of bright pillows on the couch or put a lamp with a colorful lampshade on the coffee table. But this should not be used too extensively. With loft style, ease and immediacy are what matter.

An important point: The kitchen and the rest of the room should be lit separately. A kitchen in the style of loft uses a large number of chandeliers and plafonds for antiquity. They are hung directly over the table.

In an isolated kitchen, the same style remains: bare walls and ceiling. In a modern apartment, of course, there will be all the necessary features. This enables you to play with the contrast of antiquity and a new era. The ultra-trendy plate will be combined with a massive hood with a pipe. The microwave and dishwasher will be located on the elementary lockers and shelves. This will express the essence of our design.

It is interesting that lofts are characterized by open shelves, on which various utensils are set. The hosts have nothing to hide, everything that they have, they show offYou can hang two or three shelves for dishes, and that will be enough.

Bedroom in loft style

In the bedroom, we can afford to soften a little austere, ascetic loft. Add bright colors, add unpretentious rugs to the front of the bed and hang curtains. To maintain the style, you need to determine which element of the interior will carry the main semantic load. Of course, in the bedroom it is logical to choose a bed for this. It must fully comply with the basic concept.

Features of a bed

  • The frame is wooden or metal.
  • The form is simple and concise.
  • Bedspreads, pillows and bed linen are solid, without patterns.
  • Presence of boxes for linen and bedside tables, choose one with artificially aged metal, maybe even with rust.

Those who do not like these extravagant details can choose an ordinary wide bed.


In the loft-style bedroom, loft beds are often used to save space. The name already corresponds to our design. In a small apartment, this comes in handy. Downstairs you can arrange a sofa for guests, a dining table or a wardrobe.


At least one wall should be brick or plastered, the rest can be painted in a light color. As a substitute, you can use wallpaper with the same pattern as brickwok, and other walls can be decorated with Venetian plaster. Ideally, the color range of the room should be white or gray, but we can add a twist to the situation. Therefore, when choosing materials, proceed from your preferences and material possibilities. Remember, loft style can be both economical and expensive.

In the photo below


The suspended lights, hanging on a long wire, are the hallmark of this design. Pay special attention to lamps and chandeliers. If you manage to get rare floor lamps or suspended lights, it will be excellent, though modern appliances in the style of minimalism are quite suitable.


As we have already said, the interior of the loft is built on the contradictions of the past and the present. A brick or concrete wall and a laconic bed can coexist with a huge plasma TV. On the nightstand you can display an old phone. The walls can be decorated with graphic drawings, colorful posters or photographs. We can show imagination and supplement the main idea with various interesting elements.


In the bedroom, along with blinds or roller blinds, you can hang a light tulle or loose curtains. In the daytime, they should always be open, so that the window opening remains “naked.” Whitewashed walls and ceiling contrast beautifully with masonry.

Features of style in the interior of the bathroom

The interior of the loft-style bathroom means a lot of solutions. After all, hygiene does not tolerate a disdainful attitude. As a finishing material, you can use the following options:

  • ceramic tile;
  • mosaic,
  • fake diamond;
  • plaster.

Concrete and wooden walls, separate sink and bath. This is an example of an exact recreation of a style.

Glass and mirrors must be present in the bathroom. Plumbing can be both ultra-modern and old-fashioned.Excellent fit in the style of the loft bathroom “on the legs” or a simple streamlined bath from the bathroom.Very handy will have a chrome radiator. In general, sparkling metal and glass are the ideal components of the bathroom in this style. Especially they look good against the background of concrete or brick walls. Antique copper bath and sink in the interior of the loft

By the way, on sale there is a tile, in appearance resembling an old tree. She can finish the floor and part of the walls. For good lighting, both modern built-in appliances and retro luminaires are used.

Interior in the loft style is a bold decision for creative and independent personalities.