Home Bathroom Unique Bathroom Vanities: Elevate Your Bathroom With These Vanity Sets

Unique Bathroom Vanities: Elevate Your Bathroom With These Vanity Sets

Wooden vanity set with metallic handles and grey stone top
Sink made from tempered glass

A vanity set is an essential part of any bathroom. As such, it is essential that every homeowner chooses a vanity set that stands out and adds glamor to the bathroom. There are plenty of ideas homeowners can choose from, ranging from contemporary sets to antique-style sets and rustic designs. Below are some designs that you can choose from, in case you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom or getting a new vanity set.

This antique wooden vanity is made with wooden casters with shiny metallic detail.

Sink made from tempered glass

In this bathroom, a wooden cabinet has been adjoined to the wall and been fitted with a dark stone countertop. It also features a stand-alone glass bowl sink on top of the cabinet.

Deep, rectangular stone sink with small faucets

This bathroom features a large wooden vanity set attached to the wall. It features an integrated rectangular stone sink. It has plenty of storage space in form of open shelves and drawers. The drawers have small knobs attached to them.

Here is another example of a vanity set that provides ample storage space. It has drawers with metallic handles and a large, black rectangular sink.

You can also experiment with your ideas and create your own perfect bathroom vanity set. This vanity set, for example, has been made b positioning a metal bucket inside a large, hollow wooden log. The log complements the hardwood floor and wooden toilet seat and lid.

Double sinks with matching faucets

Here, the large vanity set has been partitioned into two by shelves in the middle. If you share the bathroom with someone else, then they can use one end of the vanity set while you use the other.

Double overhead hanging lights
White floor against black wall

If you prefer simplicity to elegance, then you can as well create a minimalist vanity set like the one in the photo above.


Grey wallpaper with simple patterns

This contemporary vanity set is made even more elegant by the grey vanity wallpaper and matching mirror.

Round built-in metallic sink
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