open triple fireplace

Designing and decorating a huge space can prove to be quite a challenge. Homeowners of homes with large rooms often don’t know what to do with the huge space. If you have a large room such as dining room, bedroom or living room, then you can easily transform it by the use of a double-sided fireplace. Below are a few tips on exactly how you can do this.

White-themed living room
Upholstered chair

This double-sided fireplace creates the perfect connection between the interior and exterior of the house, as it serves as both an interior and exterior fireplace. Instead of creating separate fireplaces for your outside and interior, create a single double-sided fireplace that will serve both areas.

Black candle holders
Dark hardwood floor
Large glass windows
Medium-size dining table made from wood

This fireplace works well with the sharp edges and contemporary design to create a rich and sophisticated look.

Burning fireplace made from metal
Comfortable couch
Double-sided fireplace
Indoor plant in pot
Bright flowers in glass vase
Painting on wall
Large glass windows offering breathtaking view of the outside
Grey rug

In this living room, the double-sided fireplace highlights the features of the room, while drawing the eye of the viewer to the amazing view of the outside.

Grey wall
White floor
White shelves
Beautiful rug with bright patterns
Stone wall section with fireplace
Wooden wall

Stone fireplaces will never go out of style. If you love stone and would love to incorporate a double-sided fireplace into your design, then you can make a double-sided stone fireplace. A stone fireplace is also a great way to accessorize your rustic design.

Bed with heavy mattress
Comfy white carpet

A double-sided fireplace is also a great addition in the bedroom. It helps create a warm and cozy air while providing seamless continuity between the bedroom and other rooms. In this bedroom, it has been used to create a seamless connection between the bedroom and bathroom.

Black leather couch
Grey brick wall
Bright wooden floor
Bright furniture

This room offers a breathtaking view, both of the inside and outside. The fireplace perfectly accessorizes the contemporary design. It works with the bright pops of color in the room to create a lively and charming environment. It also serves as an artistic piece amid all the color.

Creative fireplace
Small windows
Simple accessories
Stone slab
Black and white stands
Black and white stands
Contemporary furniture
Logs of wood
White cushions and pillows
White wooden table
Bench at footside of bed
Poster bed
Neutral-colored room accessories
Elegant dining furniture

In this living room, a neutral-colored wall section with a double-sided fireplace has been used to create a partition between the dining room and living room. The hardwood floor and neutral-colored accessories create a relaxing and comfortable environment.

Large and spacious room
Tiled floor

There are no limits to what you can do with a double-sided fireplace. In this house, a double-sided fireplace has been used to create an industrial look that blends in perfectly with the contemporary design.

Ceiling with boards
Sheer white drapes

white fireplace

two sided wood burning fireplace

electric double fireplace

two sided electric fireplace

high fireplace

gas fireplace

gas fireplace triple

gas open studio fireplace

outdoor and indoor fireplace

fireplace from the street

indoor and outdoor fireplace

fireplace anf ceramic tiles

four side fireplace

black steel fireplace

white square fireplace

double fireplace

steel double fireplace

white fireplace  on the pedestal

smal steel fireplace

fireplace in the big room

white high fireplace

american style fireplace

fireplace in the ceramic wall

real double fireplece made of stones

grey double fireplace

fireplace in the wall

small steel fireplace

gas double fireplace

imitation of the fireplace

double fireplace in the building wall

glass fireplace

stone fireplace int the guest room

glass fireplace

open triple fireplace

fireplace dividing the living room

high fireplace

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