Transform the way you Dine Using Japanese-Style Dining Table

With their origin in Japan, Japanese-style dining tables have found their way into homes and even restaurants all across the world. People love them because of their beauty and elegance, not to mention their simplicity. Choose a Japanese-style dining table and you and your family will never dine the same way again. Eating meals with your family will become more fun and comfortable. Below we have listed some ideas we hope will inspire you to adopt a Japanese-style dining table.

Glass door

Creative coffee table

Japanese-style dining tables can be incorporated into many different home designs, which makes them a great choice. This creative Japanese-style dining room blends in seamlessly into this contemporary home design. The pouffes provide comfort for those dining at the table.

Black dining table

Floor sitting pillows with patterns

These small ‘chairs’ are perfect for use when paired with a Japanese-style dining table. These chairs provide a lot of comfort because they have cushions and a backrest to create comfort for the diners. The patterns on the pillows work perfectly with the black dining table to create a serene air.

Room with elegant patterns

White upholstered dining chairs

Even though most Japanese-style dining tables are low, you can still find standard-sized Japanese-style dining tables such as the one in this dining room. The décor around the room helps infuse a strong Japanese-style theme

Bright hardwood floor

Simple area rug

Wide red floor cushions with simple patterns

Wide green dining table

If you love color, then Japanese-style dining tables will still let you express your love for color. Even though most dining tables are usually neutral-colored or dull-colored, if you love color, you can still infuse it into your dining room by opting for a bright dining table such as this green dining table. The green color of the table is a perfect match for the red pillows as the two colors complement each other.

Neutral-colored room

Sheer white drapes

Interesting accessories

White ceiling with partitions

Black and fuzzy area rug

Small dining table

Floor with tiles

Low chairs

Floor pillows

Wooden dining tables

Flower vase on dining table

Bright room

White walls

Wall socket

Wooden dining furniture

Simple room

Long, extensive dining table

Long red rug with patterns

Simple fireplace

Black couch

Outdoor dining area

Large tree

If you and your family love to dine outdoors, make the experience even better using a Japanese-style dining table. The chairs have been made to match the table and have elegant white cushions and pillows to provide the diners with maximum comfort.

Window beside dining table

Hanging light

Room with artistic details

Grey floor

Indoor plants in large, white pots

Plain black ceiling

White terrace

Extensive stone wall

Japanese-style dining tables can also be used when you want to dine on the patio, like in this home.