In recent times, there has been an increased interest in interior design trends that center on the kitchen. Many homeowners usually concentrate on designing other areas of the house such as the living room and patio, dismissing the kitchen as an insignificant area of the house. Now, however, homeowners are delving into design trends that improve the outlook of the kitchen. One trend that has become highly popular is the kitchen bar. A kitchen bar adds class and glamor to the kitchen, without going over the top. If you are interested in this trend or would like to revamp your kitchen, below are some ideas for you.

Kitchen bars come in a wide variety of designs;

  • Kitchen bars and stools
  • Kitchen bars with storage
  • Kitchen bars for small spaces
  • Kitchen island bar
  • Outdoor kitchens bar


Kitchen bars

Overhead hanging lights

Kitchen bar

Hanging wine glasses

Coat rack

Simple, minimalist kitchen

White walls

You can save a lot of space in your kitchen and add glamor to it by getting an island kitchen bar. You can sit at the island bar and enjoy drinks or prepare food at it.

Kitchen with white, black and brown theme

Large and spacious kitchen

Elegant, futuristic kitchen

Large refrigerator

Elegant stone top

Indoor plants

Kitchen bars and stools

Brown wooden cabinets

Red cooking pot

Pair your kitchen bars with elegant stools for the ultimate classy look.

Flowers in glass vase

Padded stools

Kitchen cabinets with glass doors

Hardwood floor

Photographs in frames

Indoor plant

Outdoor fireplace on patio

Padded stools

Kitchen bars with storage

Simple shelves on the side of bar

White tiles

Bookshelf underneath the island

White bowls on shelves

If you want to save space, you can design your kitchen bar to offer functionality. You can achieve this by placing shelves or cabinets under the bar or at the side.

Drawers below oven

Stacked wine glasses

Windows with grilled bars

Metal faucet

Tiny kitchen with small furniture

Wooden stool

Kitchen bars for small spaces

If you think that kitchen bars are only meant for large kitchens, think again. You can perfectly incorporate a tiny kitchen bar into your small kitchen without compromising on your space. Combine the bar with storage to save space.

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Shiny and sophisticated floor

Glass stools

Decorative artifacts hanging on wall

Red seats

Medium-sized window by the corner

Plain area rug

Fruit basket displayed on bar

Black tiles

Simple metal sink

Black and white theme

Kitchen island bar

Elegant area rug with patterns

Small staircase

White cabinets

Hardwood floor

Kitchen towel with flowery patterns

Island on wheels

Small black island

Glass tray

Extensive wooden bar

Large mugs

Outdoor kitchens bar

Garden filled with trees and flowers

Stone terrace

Rock bar with wooden top

Bright flowers

Stone floor and walls

Patio furniture

Large bar with cabinets and barbecue grill

Television mounted on wall

Garden with rocks and water fountain

Wooden bar