Colorful toy construction pieces

Ideas for Boys’ Bathrooms

When decorating your boy’s bathroom, there are few simple tips you will have to keep in mind. When decorating a boy’s room, the use of color depends on the age of the boy. For a young boy’s bathroom, it is always best to go with bright and vibrant colors. For a teenage boy, simple hues work best.

Shower curtain in bright, playful colors

This bathroom features bold orange hues and a brightly-colored shower curtain. The bright color scheme is perfect for a young boy’s bathroom.

Bathroom with bright lighting

Good lighting is a key, especially in a boy’s bathroom, as it helps liven up the atmosphere.

White-themed bathroom with blue accessories

If your boy has a favorite color, it is always a good idea to incorporate that color into their bathroom. This bathroom, for instance, features a lot of accessories in blue, livening up the atmosphere.

Colorful drawers in-built in the wall

When designing a boy’s bathroom, incorporating storage features is essential, to help your kid keep their items organized. You can use colorful item organizers like the one in the picture above.

Small bathroom with cream and blue tiles

It is also a good idea to use a material that is easy to clean, such as tiles, because young boys will always create a mess.

Bathroom with bright blue wall and colorful shower curtain

Shower curtain with colorful and exuberant prints

Kid’s bathroom with playful art on the tile walls

Toy bicycle mounted on the wall as an accessory

As we said before, it is important to incorporate playful accessories that remind your young boy of the activities he loves. In this bathroom, a toy bicycle has been mounted on the wall, as an accessory, decorating the bathroom effortlessly.

Colorful toy construction pieces

Especially for young boys, say, age five and below, it is a good idea to add colorful toys in the bathroom, like the colorful construction pieces here. These toys not only decorate the bathroom, they also make sure your boy has a fun time.

Minimalistic bathroom design with wood paneling

Why not adopt a minimalist design in your boy’s bathroom, like the one above? A minimalist design helps keep your kid’s bedroom neat and organized.

Lego-themed toothbrush holder

Incorporate your kid’s favorite toys into bathroom accessories, such as toothbrush holders.

Metal rack for organizing bathroom items

Striped wallpaper in neutral colors and small, colorful area rug

White item organizer on top of toilet

Simple island with white, under mount sink

In a boy’s bathroom, there’s no need for elegant furniture. Keep the island and other furniture as simple as possible.

Ideas for Girls’ Bathrooms

There isn’t much difference in the décor for girls’ and boys’ bedrooms. Girls’ bedrooms, however, feature brighter colors.

Purple in-ceiling LED lighting illuminating the entire bathroom

Minimalistic bathroom with soft pink and white color scheme

Simple white wallpaper with black dots

Wallpapers fit in a girl’s bedroom design effortlessly.

Bathroom with mirrors and colorful prints in wallpaper and shower curtain

Beautiful decorative ornaments and accessories

In a girl’s bathroom, feel free to incorporate as many accessories as you wish.

Framed black and white drawing on wall

You can hang girly drawings and paintings on the wall, to accentuate the bathroom.

Girl’s bathroom with bright pink walls and in-ceiling lighting

Artistic curved mirror in a girl’s bathroom

Girl’s bathroom with girly artistic drawing on the door

This bathroom with a drawing of a fairy on the door is perfect for a small girl.

Pink-themed room with pink drapes with drawings

Clear glass chair upholstered in delicate pink fabric with white prints

Colorful girls’ bathroom with red and black polka dot accents

Girl’s bathroom with delicate pink color scheme