What can you do in the bathroom? You can just quickly take a shower. And you can indulge in a SPA at home is to fill the bath foam, to drip a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil, and to immerse yourself in fragrant water with a book in your hands… And you can not even worry about the fact that the book gets wet or nowhere to put it, if you need hands-free, because you already have a special bath reading tray.

This reading tray has long been loved by many people. It is being made from solid wood. Wood is impregnated with a substance that prevents swelling and rot, so you can use the bath reading tray with complete peace of mind – even if you love to transform your bathroom into a sort of Turkish bath, with tray, nothing will happen.

The bath reading tray is very functional. There is a special book stand; there is a recess for soap or cup, deepening for any desired detail. So take it with you in private what you want – a glass of wine, a plate with chocolates, scented candles, coffee, mobile phone and so on and so forth. Although the electronics I would not advise you to take – high humidity is high humidity. Although if there is a waterproof case – then no problem.

Holders of shelves and stand for books are made of stainless steel. Agree, for the bathroom it is one of the best materials – beautiful, durable, not rusty, not swell able. Metal shelf holder is adjustable in width of the bathtub, so pick a tray for your bathtub you don’t have to – tray is universal.

As for design, it is thought over to trifles. And therefore it is universal. Thus, the bath reading tray will perfectly fit almost any decor bath (well, except that the interior will be too unusual), will fit to any style, materials and colors.

Purchase rather the bath reading tray and enjoy!