Rug made out of animal skin
Burning fireplace

For book lovers, owning a home library is a great accomplishment. Having all your favorite books in one place and seeing them fill and light up the room is fascinating. Even if you are not a book lover, a home library still comes in handy when you think of decorating your home. Traditional home libraries have been used as an interior design concept for many years and continue to be used even now. They  can be incorporated in a number of designs, effortlessly and easily.

Long shelf filled with books
Upholstered chairs
Window seat between shelves
Creative hanging light fixture

Placing two matching bookshelves side by side and a window seat between them is a great way to improve the style of your home. This also provides functionality purposes since you can enjoy your book amid the comfort of the pillows and cushion of the window seat.

Rug made out of animal skin
Burning fireplace

The importance of the fireplace in this library cannot be underestimated. The fireplace makes readers feel warm and more at ease, while also lighting up the library.

Long and heavy white drapes
Dark hardwood floor
Red ceiling with brown wooden beams
Storage cabinets below bookshelf

This library has a rich wooden design. The brown colors of the wood and furniture create cozy environment that all readers are bound to love.

Large, circular, wooden table
Beautiful flower arrangement

It is also important to include comfortable furniture in your home library. Readers can read in a pleasant environment, free of distractions.

Red-themed living room
Brown grand piano
Office desk with stone top
Bright window
Pretty carpet
Long coffee table
Medium sized television screen
Striped wallpaper
Ceiling with artistic design
Fancy home study
Indoor plant
Bookshelf made from wood
Window with horizontal panes
Curtain with flowery patterns
Large table in the center of the room
Wooden Floor
Small upholstered coffee table
Simple throw pillows
Spacious room
Long wooden desk
Overhead hanging chandelier with decorative details
White ceiling

For those who work at home, home libraries can also serve as offices. You can do this by placing office furniture such as desks, cabinets and office chairs and tables in your home library. The library in the picture above has furniture that can be used for formal purposes such as meetings.

Beautiful lighting
Art display
Long leather couch
Decorative artefacts
Photographs on wall
White floor

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