Executive study room

A study room is an important addition to any home. Adults may need to study or work from home, while the kids also need to study and complete school assignments and projects. Because of the nature of these activities, it is important to have a separate room that creates a serious yet relaxing mood appropriate for working or studying. Read through this article to get more insight;

Kids’ bedroom that also doubles up as a study room

This room provides a great functionality aspect, since it serves as a both a bedroom and study, helping save space. It is an excellent example of the design and décor that is suitable for a kid’s bedroom. The kid is able to study in a playful, relaxing and familiar environment, which makes learning all the more fun. As you can see, the windows let in light that brightens up the room, and the bright colors, toys and other accessories make the room perfect for a kid.

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A small study room that is well organized

Keeping a small study room organized and visually appealing can be an extremely daunting task, particularly if you have many books and other study items. In such a case, storage spaces come in particularly handy. Cabinets, shelves and storage boxes and baskets help you store your study items neatly. Bold accessories like this rug and art pieces open up the small space visually.

Contemporary study with elegant furniture

Just as a bookshelf is important in a study, so is the furniture you choose, in particular, the desk and chair. This study makes great use of this concept by incorporating furniture statement that draws the attention of the eye, such as the dark brown desk and upholstered dark brown chair.

Small study room with fancy book case

Although not a necessity, a book case or bookshelf is the ultimate addition to a home study. Since it is a study, you will need a shelf to store and display your books. You can add creativity to the design of your bookshelf, to break away from the ordinary bookshelf designs. The bookshelf in this study stands out even though it is small. The colorful books also accessorize and light up the space brilliantly.

Executive study room

If you are a person of refined taste and have the resources for it, you might as well go overboard and reward yourself with an elegant, executive-looking study room such as the one in the photo above. Such a design also fits if you have formal meetings at home, since this study design can also work as an office. It even has a lounge/ waiting area decorated with a plant.