Simple Tricks to Making Small Bedrooms Appear Bigger

A small bedroom can appear cramped up and disorganized even when it is not. The trick is in making it appear larger than it is. Here are a few ways to make a small bedroom appear bigger than it is;

Bedroom mirrors

Small bedroom

Use plenty of mirrors if you want to make the bedroom look bigger than it actually is. The best way to do this is by leaning a large mirror against the wall or mounting it on the wall.

Grey bedding

Grey drapes

The trick to making a bedroom look and feel larger is by using light hues. Dark colors make the room look smaller. Use pale colors like white, grey and cream.

Flowers in vases

Wall art

Patterned bedcover

Green plants displayed on table

Round lighting fixture

White walls

The type of lighting fixtures you use and where you position them has a large influence in determining whether the room will look bigger or smaller.

White bedding with black and white pillows

Wooden closet

White and blue bedding


Combining two or more pale colors like light blue and white is the perfect way of making a small space appear larger.

Black decorative elements

Green indoor plant

Upholstered furniture

Metal bed

Metal shelf

Brick wall

Hanging photographs

Monochromatic theme

Use details and accessories of different colors to expand the room. Use white and beige colors. Adding a few bright details like a pink couch helps expand the view of the room.

Room with a lot of patterned details

White bedside lamp

Vase of flowers

White, knit carpet

To make a room look larger, do away with curtains entirely. The view of the outside landscape will make the room seems bigger.

Long, upholstered bench at the foot of bed

White ceiling

Window with horizontal paneling

Twin bed

Hanging lights

Small bedroom

Low-hanging chandelier

Large bed

Mat with round patterns

Brown cabinets

Sheer window curtains

Red-themed room

Functional furniture such as this bed with built-in cabinet not only helps save space, it also expands the view of the room.

White-themed room


Using one major shade of color is an easy way to expand the view of the room. The color used should be neutral.