Smaller bathroom means less work and time needed to have your ideas put into live. But where should you draw your inspiration from? We bring to your courtesy a selection of staggering design ideas for a small bathroom. Look them through carefully and, who knows, maybe, you will happen upon a gem of an idea for your cozy bathroom.

Cramped room means each square inch of space must be used at its best. A shower stall instead bathtub can help save much space. Functional shelves are a good way to store lots of toiletries. Properly selected colors can make the room feel visually more spacious.  And, of course, a thorough room-planning is the key: better think twice where to install all the things so they look perfectly fitted and not excessive.

Of course, your best design solution for a small bathroom can be a combination of several bewildering ideas. Inspiring photos are always a handy assistance when deciding which solution fits your tiny bathroom best. Any small bathroom design is always space-saving and functional, so it must meet certain requirements:

  • be wise about space usage
  • have no excessive design elements
  • seem visually spacious
  • be bright and cozy, and feel not cramped

Search for the best idea of a small bathroom design is always a rewarding challenge. Once found, the right solution will result in a cozy, warm, and always pleasant-to-behold bathroom of your own. And those wonderful photos below will give you the right hints and definitely inspire you.


bathroom designs for small bathrooms


Design Ideas for a Small Bathroom