Rustic Bathroom Inspiration

A rustic bathroom is easy to design and beautiful to the eye. The design is easy to achieve, it is all about the color and materials used for the surfaces and adding a few acessories.

Rustic bathroom

Traditional ceramic sink

Most rustic bathrooms usually have traditional ceramic pedestal sinks with taps made of metal.

Wooden walls

Bathroom mirror

Wood is considered one of the key elements for any rustic design, be it the bathroom, kitchen or living room. To complete the rustic look, use wooden walls or doors in the bathroom.

Hardwood floor

Wooden bathroom door

Another way of employing wood in a rustic bathroom design is through the use of hardwood floors.

TV screen

Bathroom candles

Wooden cabinets


Wooden cabinets

Square sinks

Stone wall

Stone walls are a good way of achieving the rustic bathroom look. The dark brown shade also contributes to the rustic look.

Shiny wallpaper

Black tile floor

The wallpaper used on the wall and the dark tile floor gives the room a monochromatic look that is refreshing and beautiful to look at.

Fancy towel-holder

Beautiful lights

Partitioned shower area

Side-by-side mirrors

Cabinets in the bathroom are a great way of improving the design while also providing storage solutions.

Comfortable couch

Brick wallpaper

A brick wall or brick-style wallpaper creates a rustic aesthetic in the bathroom.

Antique details

Bold-colored theme

Antique accessories have a way of making the bathroom stand out and look appealing.

White ceiling

Colored walls

Stone surfaces

DIY bathroom

Patterned mat

Display of flowers

Adding a few items like colored mats and a bunch of flowers is a simple way of creating a rustic bathroom look.

Medium-tone wood surfaces

Range of mirrors

Fancy candleholder


You can add a touch of excitement to your bathroom by going for a non-traditional design like creating a fireplace in the bathroom.

Contemporary design

Fancy bathroom lighting

Rustic bathroom

Sealable tub

Framed photographs

Display shelf

You can add to your rustic bathroom design by installing shelves where you can display accessories and toiletries.