Is it possible to decorate a room of 12 square meters so that it is comfortable and attractive? Professional designers say that such a task is actually feasible.

Of course, working on achieving your goal in this case can be quite complicated, and therefore, requires enormous investment, including emotional and creative investment. Nevertheless, if you put in effort and remain patient, you can achieve impeccable results.

What to begin with?

As you probably understand, a small room needs to have all the necessary items that residents need for comfortable living, but it doesn’t have to stop there.

All those wishing to elevate a 12 square-meter room have to do everything possible to make it seem more spacious. Speaking in the language of modern designers, you need to visually expand the room.

Furniture and accessories

When choosing furniture for a 12 square meter room, you realize the furniture is characterized by rather modest dimensions. However, it is also necessary to only pay attention to important details, which are as functional as possible, while occupying a minimal area, so as to leave some free space.

Stylists believe that white and soft blue colors are the most appropriate for small rooms. Accessories can be bright and eye-catching, but they should be used sparingly, so that the view of those in the room is not fatigued.

The furniture should be well fit into the interior of the 12 square meter room and positioned against or attached to the wall. Leaving some cells of the rack free, you can achieve the effect of airiness of space. For a small room, this is very important.

Elegant practical furniture helps avoid the effect of heaviness of objects. In a small room, shelves look great, which makes it convenient to store and display many small items. Narrow shelves on walls and a console on the wall make it possible to rationally use every inch of the precious area.

Subtlety and cunning design

Visually expanding the space of the 12 square-meter room allows special design techniques such as:

  • The entryway to the room must be free.This allows us to perceive the space as more open.
  • It is recommended that the ceiling in such a room is white and the walls are painted in light shades (you can use shades of clean colors).
  • A mirror fixed to the wall will serve to make the room visually lighter, helping expand it.
  • A successful solution for a small room is to use a floor covering such as a laminate or parquet, laid diagonally.
  • Extra items in such a room should be used sparingly.Decorative elements should also be few. A beautiful image in a frame will create a special mood, whereas many small photos on the wall are likely to be redundant.
  • It is not recommended to use textiles with large patterns in a small room, as this emphasizes the insignificant size of the room.It is better to use lightweight fabrics for curtains, since this will help emphasize the airiness of the space of such a room. The comforts in a small room depend on the lighting. Large lamps are contraindicated here. Instead, it is better to use built-in, on the perimeter of the ceiling spotlights. Instead of a cumbersome chandelier, you can use an elegant floor lamp or small sconces.

Correctly plan the space of the room, use only light colors for decoration and choose elegant furniture and eye-catching accessories – a small room designed according to these rules will undoubtedly be very comfortable and appealing to the eye.