rock dark stone fireplace with 2 sofat armchairs and cupboards

When looking for a perfect home, you are will probably look for the coziest and most homely place you can find; not those sterile houses that are in the market today. One way of making your home have this feel is having a rock fireplace. This not only adds character to your home, it also brings nature into the home.

Everyone can now afford to have rock fireplaces in their homes because technology has made it possible for rocks to be cut into thin pieces that can be fit together and installed by practically anyone. In ancient times, people had to put up stones as they were found and this made it very difficult to do because of the size and weight. By cutting them into thin smaller sizes, they are now easier to install and more decorative because you can now manipulate them into any shape you want them in.

People are now aware of environmental changes that are happening and therefore are using materials that are friendly to the environment. Rock fireplaces are good for this purpose because they are recycled and because they absorb heat, they help distribute heat in the house therefore keeping it warm and this reduces the amount of heat required to warm up the house.

These fireplaces are the focal points of many homes, they also provide a good conversation piece for many people. When they are put in correctly, they can add a lot of value to a home when the owners decide they want to sell it.

You will find many modern homes that have all the edge-cutting appliances and but lack the character that most people look for in a home, but when you add natural rocks to a fireplace, it makes all the difference and changes the feel of the home from cold to warm and homey. Rock fireplaces are definitely a must-have in any home.


french windows lhall with fireplce made from rocks from top to bottom

fireplece made from cut stones

living room craftsmen , fireplace made from dark cyt stones, on the whole wall. big broun wooden windows

living room with rock big stone fireplace with square wooden tea table and with middle age europininan armchairs

grey stone rock fireplace with yellow walls anf big dark wooden windows

stone rock fireplace on the solid thick stone

grey stone rock fireplace just finishe with wooden shelf undet it

light brick rock fireplace between 2 wooden doors

light stone rock fireplace in the living room with corner leather sofa with dark wooden floor

rustic interior stone rock fireplace , castle style living room

rock fireplace between tow american windows in the light living room

rock fireplace on the whole wall made in rutstic style interior with soft armchairs

rock light stone fireplace ith fotos and coloured carpet on the floor with decoratove wooden walls

corner stone fireplace with soft round puffets

big windows living room made from stones with pile soft carpet on the floor and round wooden ceiling

rock fireplace in the living room in the flat

bir windows with rock fireplacemade with tv stand with round small table and 2 seater leather sofa

rock dark stone fireplace with 2 sofat armchairs and cupboards

king siza double bed with rock stone fireplca with 2 soft benches with wooden legs